Wizardry 8 Spells


Below is a basic list of the spells available in the game. If you right-click on a spell name within the game you can read detailed information about it.

Level 1 Spells
Acid Splash 2 Water Alchemist
Bless 4 Divine Priest
Charm 5 Mental Priest, Psionic
Energy Blast 2 Fire Mage
Frost 2 Water Mage
Heal Wounds 3 Divine Alchemist, Priest, Psionic
Itching Skin 2 Earth Alchemist
Light 1 Fire Alchemist, Mage, Priest
Make Wounds 2 Divine Priest
Mind Stab 3 Mental Psionic
Paralyze 3 Water Priest, Psionic
Sleep 3 Air Alchemist, Mage, Psionic
Stamina 2 Water Alchemist, Priest
Terror 3 Mental Mage, Psionic

Level 2 Spells
Blinding Flash 5 Fire Alchemist
Cure Lesser Cond 4 Water Alchemist, Priest, Psionic
Detect Secrets 5 Mental Mage, Psionic
Divine Trap 4 Mental Priest, Psionic
Dracon Breath 4 Water Alchemist
Enchanted Blade 4 Divine Mage
Guardian Angel 4 Divine Priest
Holy Water 5 Water Priest
Identify Item 6 Mental Priest, Psionic
Insanity 5 Mental Psionic
Magic Missiles 4 Divine Mage
Missile Shield 5 Air Mage
Razor Cloak 6 Earth Alchemist
Shrill Sound 3 Air Mage, Psionic
Slow 4 Water Psionic
Sonic Boom 6 Air Alchemist, Mage
Web 5 Earth Mage, Priest

Level 3 Spells
Armorplate 6 Earth Priest
Chameleon 6 Earth Alchemist, Psionic
Cure Paralysis 6 Water Alchemist, Priest
Cure Poison 6 Air Alchemist, Priest
Fireball 6 Fire Mage
Freeze Flesh 6 Water Mage
Hypnotic Lure 5 Fire Psionic
Knock Knock 6 Earth Alchemist, Mage
Magic Screen 6 Divine Priest
Mindread 8 Mental Psionic
Noxious Fumes 5 Air Alchemist, Mage
Psionic Fire 6 Fire Psionic
Rest All 6 Water Priest
Shadow Hound 5 Air Mage
Silence 4 Air Priest, Psionic
Whipping Rocks 6 Earth Alchemist, Mage

Level 4 Spells
Acid Bomb 8 Water Alchemist
Armormelt 8 Earth Mage, Psionic
Crush 8 Earth Alchemist, Mage
Cure Disease 8 Water Alchemist
Ego Whip 8 Mental Psionic
Element Shield 8 Earth Alchemist, Mage
Eye for an Eye 7 Divine Psionic
Fire Bomb 8 Fire Alchemist
Haste 8 Fire Psionic
Iceball 8 Water Mage
Remove Curse 8 Divine Mage, Priest
Soul Shield 6 Divine Priest
Superman 7 Water Priest, Psionic
Ring of Fire 10 Fire Priest
Whirlwind 7 Air Priest
X-Ray 9 Mental Mage

Level 5 Spells
Body of Stone 8 Earth Alchemist
Dehydrate 10 Water Mage
Freeze All 12 Water Mage
Heal All 10 Divine Priest
Hex 10 Mental Mage, Psionic
Instant Death 10 Divine Priest, Psionic
Psionic Blast 10 Mental Psionic
Purify Air 10 Air Alchemist, Priest
Return to Portal 50 Air All
Sane Mind 12 Mental Priest, Psionic
Set Portal 30 Air All
Summon Elemental 12 Divine Alchemist, Mage
Toxic Cloud 8 Air Alchemist

Level 6 Spells
Banish 10 Divine Mage, Priest
Blizzard 12 Water Mage
Boiling Blood 12 Fire Alchemist
Draining Cloud 10 Divine Alchemist
Firestorm 12 Fire Mage
Lifesteal 12 Divine Priest
Lightning 12 Fire Priest
Might to Magic 12 Divine Psionic
Pandemonium 12 Air Psionic
Prismic Ray 10 Fire Psionic
Quicksand 15 Earth Alchemist
Resurrection 30 Divine Alchemist, Priest
Turncoat 12 Mental Mage, Psionic

Level 7 Spells
Asphyxiation 20 Air Mage
Cerebral Hemorrhage 12 Mental Psionic
Concussion 12 Mental Mage
Death Cloud 20 Air Alchemist
Death Wish 20 Divine Priest
Earthquake 18 Earth Alchemist
Falling Stars 16 Earth Priest
Mind Flay 18 Mental Psionic
Nuclear Blast 18 Fire Mage
Prismic Chaos 15 Fire Psionic
Restoration 16 Divine Priest
Tsunami 15 Water Alchemist

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