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Just like Wizardry, Wizards & Warriors is a party-based role playing game. Formerly called Swords & Sorcery, it is the brainchild of David W. Bradley, the creator of Wizardry 5-7. It was under development for four years and was released by Activision in September 2000. This section is designed to be a resource for players of this game. This was the first true RPG (I'm not counting Diablo II or Myst) that I become immersed in since Wizardry V, so enjoy! Comments or Questions are always welcome.

This page contains gameplay gripes and bug warnings. The classes page has data on character roles and tips for building and developing a party. The walkthrough includes path notes and quests, while the cheats page lists some ways to exploit the errors in the game coding.

Heuristic Park, the game's developer, has released an an unofficial patch (one not sanctioned by Activision, the game's distributor). More patch info is on the Files Page.

BONUS: You can download my characters from the Files Page.

Gameplay Gripes

Bug Warnings

For a game four years in development, it is a true shame it was not tested enough before release. Hopefully a patch will be made to fix these glaring errors.

See also the cheats page for more quirks and ways to get even with some of these bugs.

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