Credits and Disclaimers

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Wizardry is a trademark of Sir-Tech. Wizards & Warriors is a trademark of Heuristic Park. This is a non-commercial tribute site, with copyrighted information presented under "Fair Use." It is not intended to detract in any way from official products or violate their intellectual property rights, but rather to promote and celebrate the continuing Wizardry saga and Wizards & Warriors.

The code for the top menus is adapted from Milonic.


Except for the maps, many screenshots and graphics images on this site have been taken from other pages. Some have been donated by the owner of the the now off-line "Skulrag's Wizardry Gallery". All images, being derived from copyrighted works, remain copyrighted by their respective owners.


The scenario files on this site (I-V) contain characters I developed from playing the Ultimate Wizardry Archives, distributed by Interplay. The full version of the game is required for their use, as with my Wizards & Warriors save game. The other Wizardry save game files available here were created by Chris Brune.

Story Pages

The text for the Wizardry I-VIII story pages was taken, with permission, from "Kyler's Wizardry Den" - which is in turn copied from the Wizardry manuals.


I did not create the first version of any of the maps on this site (except for the secret ones, of course). The Wizardry V maps here, however, have been edited by myself at the the pixel level, to correct errors, enhance symbols, and improve file size and appearance, before being loaded on this site.

Maps in their current form should be considered as having ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If anything, since the maps were derived from copyrighted materials themselves, they should also be considered as copyrighted by Sir-Tech and Heuristic Park.


The text for the Wizardry I-V Spells was compiled from the other spell lists online. I am responsible for style formatting - including placing the text into tables, as well as editorial changes, such as adding a listing of the MAHAMAN choices, entering and integrating the Wizardry V spells, and including what I remember as the original description for TILTOWAIT.

Walkthroughs &c.

I have written and formatted the content of the walkthrough (and items, monsters, etc.) pages, except as noted below:

The walkthrough information has also been augmented by comments and suggestions that I have received.

Taking information from this site

I have devoted *much* effort in trying to make this site one of the best Wizardry resources online. Although I have copyrighted these pages, feel free to use any of this information for your own personal, non-profit use. If you would like to copy information from this site and make it available online, however (as many sites have already done), please contact me for permission and put a credit notice on your site. Linking to these pages is welcome.

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