Wizards & Warriors Cheats

Cheating the Fates

While you're putting up with the game bugs, here's a few tricks to help settle the score.

Heuristic Park, the game's developer, has released an an unofficial patch (one not sanctioned by Activision, the game's distributor). More patch info is on the Files Page.

Easter Eggs

Where's La-La?

If anyone has found any intended quirks in the game, please let me know. There's a few secret areas, such as a treasure area opened by pressing the button in the firepit in the Serpent Temple kitchen, but I've yet to find any truly exciting game surprises. So far, the only thing I've tried is attacking the Genie, but that didn't work out too well, and my party is too legitimate to manage or consider taking on the dragon, living tree, sphinx, or other friendly deities. Also, as a minor diversion, if you use the evil element that she gives you on the vampire in the castle, you'll find out first hand why the game received a Mature ESRB rating.

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