The Knight of Diamonds

The Knight of Diamonds
Scanned by Chris Brune
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The Story

After the defeat of Werdna, Trebor sent his remaining army to clean out the rest of the maze. Upon extermination of every monster, Trebor decided to make certain that Werdna (who is aided by the dark arts) would never be able to return. Attempting to use the amulet much like Werdna did, Trebor was able to slightly alter the structure of the labyrinth below him. He ordered guards to forever patrol the passages of the dungeon to make sure that Werdna would not be able to return from the dead. So possessed did he become with the concept of Werdna's return, the overlord soon drove himself to the point of suicide. Rumors say that his ghost still walks the levels of the maze below the castle looking for Werdna. With Trebor dead, the power of the city was once again divided between the High Council and the Royal Family. Hailed as heroes, your party was offered one of the highest honors in the kingdom.

It's been about two years since the death of Trebor, and now another crisis has erupted.

The city of Llylgamyn had always been under the protection of a powerful artifact known as the Staff of Gnilda. The staff surrounded the city with a magic field that protected it from evil. Anyone who wished harmful intent for the city of Llylgamyn would find themselves unable to enter it's gates. While those who wished it no harm could come and go as they pleased. This seemed to provide the perfect defense, however there was a way around it. The staff could only stop evil from entering the city, but if evil was born inside the city walls, that person was unaffected by the staff.

Of course it is known Werdna was native to the kingdom, but little did anyone know there was another dark soul born in the city walls. His name was Davalpus. Davalpus called upon the darkest of monsters; aided by the agents of evil he stormed the castle slew the royal family. Only Prince Alavik and his sister Princess Margda escaped. They knew there was only one hope of defeating Davalpus and that was with the staff itself. The Staff of Gnilda is located in the underground temple beneath the Royal Castle. It was placed there by a legendary hero known only as the Knight of Diamonds. In order to handle the staff a person must be dressed from head to toe in the armor of that legendary knight. The armor is scattered throughout the temple and is heavily guarded. Entering the temple undetected, The Prince was able to retrieve all of the armor, and eventually the staff as well.

Prepared for battle, the Prince confronted Davalpus in an epic battle. As the Prince landed the killing blow, Davalpus uttered a curse so powerful that the castle was reduced to rubble leaving the Temple of Gnilda exposed. With a flash of light both the prince and the body of Davalpus were gone. The staff was gone as well. On that day the god Gnilda spoke to the people of the city: "I have found this city unworthy of my protection and have hidden my staff within the depths of my temple. If the staff is sought out and returned to my main chamber, I will once again place the city under my protection. This is the word of Gnilda.

News of this event spread across the kingdom, the city was vulnerable without the staff to protect it. Who could be powerful enough to enter the temple and bring the staff back?

The High Council of sages have turned to you. They remember the deeds of your past and implore you to help the city once again. If you are successful you will be granted royal honors and riches beyond your imagination.

You have accepted.

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