Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

To take the test, select an answer for each of the questions below, then click Score Results. There are no right or wrong answers, merely virtues and traits you most adhere to. You will then be matched with the fantasy or science fiction character that you have the most in common with.

You are __________ that there is an afterlife.

You are on a jury and are offered a large bribe. Do you:

Your beliefs are best described as:

You would rather recharge by:

Your friends would describe you as:

You try to be guided and ruled by your:

You are more likely to enjoy:

If you could rig the next big election so that your candidate of choice came out on top, would you?

If killing your best friend would make you immortal, would you do it?

It would make you happier doing:

The only way to get something done right is to do it yourself.

When assigned to a group project you are more likely to:

People turn to you for advice:

In a criminal justice system, it would be preferable to: