• 50 Ways to Kill an Ensign - The Star Trek paradoy
  • Cop - Warning signs that you may be in the police
  • Cybrarian - A Gilbert and Sullivan parody
  • Dan Quayle - Some pretty funny things that this guy actually said
  • Dr. Laura - Fan letter about her homophobia
  • Humor in Uniform - Military humor
  • Pulp Wars - Jules and Vincent cruise around Tatooine
  • Ronald Opus - Who killed him? (thought experiment)
  • Soap - About the little bars of soap they put in hotel rooms
  • Thesis - Phrases and tales about completing a thesis
  • Villains - What Type of Villain Are You?
  • Wilderness - Some not-so-great ideas on how to improve the great outdoors

Computer Tales

  • AOL - The diary of a typical America Online user
  • Lab - 50 ways to cause havok in a computer lab
  • Software - Governing styles and software
  • Windows OS - A revelation...


More Humor


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