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Heart of the Maelstrom
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General Notes

Some of this information is based on the Wizardry I Walkthrough, the Wizardry II Walkthrough, and the Wizardry III Walkthrough. See those pages for related information.

Here's a summary of a few new game features in Wizardry V that are not in the previous scenarios:

See the Building a Party section in the Wizardry I Walkthrough for additional information on beginning the game. Once you've created new characters or imported your existing ones, you're ready for the maze.

The Myths and Muses of the Maelstrom (NPCs)

Heart of the Maelstrom

[Note: This portion of the Wizardry V manual, notes on some of the NPCs, isn't included in the Wizardry Archives manual, so it is included here. Some of the locations have been added. NPCs (Non-Playing Characters) are in the dungeon. You can have limited conversations and interact with these characters. Most NPCs are used for obtaining required items.]

In Heart of the Maelstrom there are many fascinating folk. In your adventures, you may meet several of the individuals listed in these pages, yet there are many more which await you. Some are monsters to be defeated; others look forward to your conversation. All have something to offer.

IRONOSE (LVL1 wandering around 18E 26N)

Ironose operates the local Maze Mart. He can be found bartering his goods, buying others gems and battling an adventurer or two on level one of the Maelstrom. Boasting "The Best Dungeon Prices," he may come in handy to adventurers in need.

Ironose determined that there was place for a "Shop" in the Maze; that's where it all began. At first, business was slow. He sold only a few potions to Ice Phantoms and weapons to the Fighters. Gradually, through word of mouth and an intense graffitti effort, business picked up and remains prosperous today.

Ironose is also a well-trained fighter, but he's usually a friendly individual. After all, the customer is always right (well, most of the time)!


Believe it or not, there's actually a land where Kettles roam freely (if that's what Kettles do), the motherland of Fymia. As you may have guessed, it is the origin of The Laughing Kettle.

Back in his homeland, he was well-educated, respected and loved. However, tension eventually grew as the Kettle began to spout information no one understood time after time. His one-time friends talked behind his back; "He thinks he knows it all!" Actually, the Kettle was only trying to help them. The taunting continued, and he decided he had heard enough. It was time to leave this blessed soil to head for the Maelstrom... with a bang. And a bang it was! Granted, it wasn't the right thing to do. No one remained. He laughs today at this event, and likely will laugh tomorrow.

The Kettle has been around the Maelstrom for years, and despite his laughter, his wisdom is great. He's still your everyday "know-it-all."


"Adventure getting you down? Combat's just not going as well as you had planned? Come to Manfretti's, the fun center of the Maelstrom." That's what the graffiti said. But there is more to Manfretti's, both in fun and in lore, than meets the eye.

There you'll find things to delight your senses, thrill your spirit, and warm your heart. It was all created for you by the magical Manfretti, a man who had a love for life and a first-rate sense of humor. He realized that once in awhile even the best needed a break, and so he and a group of his female associates carved from the rock within the Maze until he had created room for his fun center. It took the Manfretti and the five women years of work. When they finished, Manfretti smiled at their achievements and planned for more.

Saying good-bye to the ladies, off he went in search of more "fun things to do." Time went by, but he never returned, and to this day, Manfretti's whereabouts are unknown. Yet the ladies he left behind continue on his dream; they keep the fun center alive, all the while hoping for his return. When you visit, and I am sure you will, you may meet one of them, and you should meet all.


If only these walls could talk, what a story they would tell. From far and near, the weary, dwarf fighters who inhabit the Maze come to the Dragon's Flagon in search of the three R's: rest, relaxation and rye.

It's truly an interesting place. Somehow those little fingers have managed to disguise the bar. You won't find it... ever; it's their private reserve (with all profits channelled back to the five dwarfs in the Flagon's membership, of course). It was established in 674 b.m. (before Maelstrom) to honor the much beloved and huge Dragon of Bhjimo, who carried her likewise huge flagon everywhere. After her death at the hand of Yetteje, a robust samurai, the dwarf fighters dragged the flagon to its current, undisclosed location.

Should you happen upon this place, you can almost always find one of the dwarfs willing to talk if you've got the ear to listen. They have been around the maze, and might be able to offer something of value. But occasionally, adventure calls the dwarf fighters, so be prepared to make several return visits.


No one can pass up a gaze at this breathtaking creature. Imagine a llama in a toga. It's not an everyday sight, nor is this an everyday animal.

Many, many years ago a clan of llamas roamed the plains of Lytricidickydo. The plains were sizzling hot, but the llamas had adapted to this environment fairly well. Then one day an adventurer by the name of Nalla Orman came along, bartering his goods.

"I have here the most wondeful item. It's something you need to stop that blasted heat. I'll sell you this exclusive designer toga for only 5000 gold pieces. You won't find another one like it anywhere!"

And so he went on... and on... and on. Eventually the llamas bought his story and his togas. Whether they did it just to shut him up, no one knows. Nonetheless, they followed him back to the Castle and into the dungeons where the air was cool and the living was easy. Hence is the story of the Toga Llama.


The lore of the Ruby Warlock goes back quite a ways. It seems he's been around forever. In his younger years, he was quite a gem. He practiced spells every day, and looked forward to the time when he, like those before him, could walk the lower levels proud and unafraid.

However, the spirits got him. Bottled spirits, that is. He can be seen asking passers-by for a sip. Of course, the creatures of the Maze look upon The Ruby Warlock with pity, and help him when they can. He's not really a bad fellow, just a Warlock who fell by the wayside.

He still remains a fairly laid-back individual, unless provoked. As "Warlock" would imply, he is chock-full of magical power! So take care in your words and your actions.


So you've never seen a ghost. You will likely see one of yourself if you're not careful. Yes, this is the legendary Ghosts' Nest, home to those who have refused to accept the fact that... well... they are dead.

The whereabouts of this dwelling are unknown, even to me. But I have been told on more than one occasion that it is not a place for the meek. Even the strongest, they say, will perish underneath the vapory fingers of its inhabitants. Unfortunately, it's likely that there is a ghost on duty at all times, so a "pleasure stroll" is out of the question.

I found once an old scroll in the dust of the Maze; I know not why I tell you. It may be of no matter. The parchment was badly soiled, and the words were nearly gone. I could decipher part of its tale: "Death awaits, gold comes, terror abounds... from the three, straight to thee..."


Banned from virtually every corner of the Maelstrom is the troop of bandits who shelter at the Den of Thieves. The poor souls are misunderstood outcasts in their own Maze. They're really a nice crew (as long as you keep your stuff secure). However, they are a bit hard to find.

Throughout the years they've managed to assemble a lot of items stolen from various, fool-hearty adventurers. Swords, shields, bows, potions... you name it. Naturally, in order to protect themselves, they needed a good hiding spot. Three of the thieves were certain that a room deep within the caverns would be the perfect spot. However, another member of their guild reminded the ambitious members that monsters (and he meant monsters) lived in those depths. Finally, the wisest of them all announced his plan to the agreement of the rest. The Den was to be established in an area where no light shown. It was hoped you would never find the door.

Try, hard, adventurer! For as they pick your pockets, you can pick their minds. As sneaky as they are, a word or two not meant for their ears may have been heard. Check in on them often for the latest gossip.

THE HURKLE BEAST (Monster wandering around LVL2 0E 10S)

Lurking and stalking, working and talking are the traits of the infamous Hurkle Beast. He is the last of the Hurkeniskon species, all of whom "hurkle" often. If you should hear the chant while traversing the caverns, it's likely this chap is nearby.

A few brave adventures of times past captured the Hurkle Beast and encaged him in a box. None thought his escape was possible. However, the box proved too weak for the creature, and his breakout was natural. In tatters, the cage still remains, but the Hurkle Beast roams free.

Unfortunately, the Hurkle Beast can't figure out how to leave the area to return to his homeland, Hurkazownia. So, here he remains.


The Snatch is a crafty little thief who hangs out at Manfretti's. As with most thieves, The Snatch has overheard many conversations. And, like those in his profession, he can't keep a secret very well.

The Snatch began his career rather slowly, but then inspiration struck. He applied for membership at the Den of Thieves. Virtually a novice in his profession, he hoped that the members would teach him a thing or two. If not, he'd simply take it. Within two weeks, his application had been unanimously DENIED. He passed none of the stealing tests and got caught three times attempting to steal information. Yet, he passed the important tests; that is, those tests important to The Snatch! He stole "The Thieves Handbook" from the Den, the member's ideas and their trade secrets to boot. He never wanted membership; he only wanted all they had to give.

GWYLION (Monsters)

They never intended to be the way they are. Not so long ago, they were friendly, light-hearted individuals. Now, they roam the Maze, bent on the revenge of an unknown cause. Everyone who greets them is subjected to attack and only rarely will they offer the party a truce.

The story of their transformation is unknown, but the Gwylion's change occurred shortly after it was declared that Manfretti was missing. Some speculate that the girls loved Manfretti; others, such as I, believe it was jealousy of those who enjoyed his company. When Manfretti was around, they would listen to his jokes and stories for hours on end. After his disappearance, their visits lessened, and gradually ended. They may still search for him today.

Feel sorrow for these poor beasts, but not enough to render yourself open to their attacks. Surely, they will show you no mercy.


Don't waste time learning to swim - the item Rubber Duck from the Mad Stomper (wandering NPC on level 3, near 8S 7E) allows a character to swim to any level of a pool safely. This information is hinted at by the Lady Luciana on level 5.

Pool Name and Location Levels and Effects
Small Toad Pool
LVL2 16W 12S
A Poisoned
B Damage
C Paralyzed
D Damage
E Magic Recharged
F Encounter
Bubba's Health Spa
LVL2 9E 10N
A Heal & Sleep
B Heal & Sleep
C Heal & Sleep
Moser's Mystic Moat, Deep Deep Well
LVL3 3E 23S
A Damage
B Poisoned
C Magic Drain
D Younger or Older
E Gain or Lose I.Q.
Quiet Pool: Liquid Gold
LVL3 26E 14S
A-G Lose Gold
G If have no gold, then Gold Key
A Grotesque Figure Looks Down at a Fountain, the Color of BLOOD
LVL3 2W 14S
A Damage
B Damage
C Damage
D Poisoned
E Massive Damage
H Encounter: Petrified Demon
Foggy pool with sexy lady
LVL4 9E 9S
A Nothing
B Nothing
C Damage
D Poison & Sleep
E Damage & Encounter
F Paralyze & Encounter
G Damage
H Gain Attribute & Older & Encounter
I Stoned & Encounter
J Find or Lose Gold, & Encounter: Skeleton Key
Pool of Clear Blue Water with a White Marble Fountain
LVL5 19W 1S
A Heal
B Heal & Cure
C Heal & Cure & Resurrect
Dark Well
LVL6 8W 9S
A Lose Some Gold
B Lose Some Gold
C Heal
D Encounter
E Lose Some Gold
F Magic Drain
G Encounter
I Gain or Lose Hit Points
J Nothing
K Encounter
L Gain or Lose Attribute, & Stoned & Encounter
Stagnent Bog
LVL6 23E 1S
B Encounter
C Poison
D Damage
E Lose Some Gold
G Stoned
H Encounter
J Gain or Lose Hit Points, & Killed
Deep Pool of Midnight Blue
LVL7 10E 12N
A Heal
B Damage
C Damage
E Encounter
H Find or Lose Gold
I Younger or Older
J Magic Recharged
K Heal
L Cure
M Gain or Lose Attribute
N Gain or Lose Hit Points
O Resurrect
P Encounter: Staff of Water

Sep by Step

Level 1
As you build up your party on level 1, these are the places you should go to in order to get the following items: Silver Key, 27E 14N; Orb of Llylgamyn, 18E 9N; Brass Key, Ironose (around 18E 26N); Bag of Tokens, use Brass Key at 6E 3N then DBCA to halt the Conveyor Belt, then 4E 4N. The bottomless Bag of Tokens will allow you to take the Transport at 12E 4N that leads to the Bottle of Rum at LVL2 3W 14S. You can build experience points by continually visiting the Hurkle Beast (near the Rum). You can use the Silver Key to access the ladder at LVL1 7E 28N. The NPC G'Bli Gedook at 8E 24N will give you some background on the game objectives, plus sell you the Holy Talisman, an item which casts unlimited Dumapic. The Laughing Kettle at 22E 30N also has some information for sale. The riddle answer at 20E 27N is VAMPIRE.

Level 2
The Bottle of Rum is given for passage to the Ruby Warlock at 7W 3N. You can later skirt the Warlock by using a secret door at 12W 8N. Visiting the Dragon's Flagon at 13E 9N, you learn that in one of eight there is something hidden. Use this clue to search for the Hacksaw at 4E 3N. If you talk to the Duck of Sparks, near Bubba's Pool at 9E 3N, you will learn the recipe for the Potion of Spirit-Away. Use the Hacksaw at 2E 15S then make the potion at 8E 0N (pick FCA). Use the potion at 4E 0N to obtain the Jewled Scepter.

Level 3
At this point in your exploring, it becomes quicker to access the lower levels on the dungeon from the elevator (A-D) by the Hurkle Beast at LVL2 4S 7E. This can be taken to 4S 7E of levels 2-5. You will find the NPC the Mad Stomper around 8S 7E, from whom you can purchase the Rubber Duck. Now who would be interested in such an item? The Duck of Sparks (John in the Den of Thieves will later tell you this outright), around Bubba's Pool at LVL2 9E 3N, will trade you this item for a Munke Wand. You can then return to the Mad Stomper and obtain a new Rubber Duck, which will allow the character in possession to swim to any level of a pool safely. You can then swim for the following items: Petrified Demon, 2W 14S; Gold Key, 26E 14S (swimmer must have no gold). Use the Jewled Scepter at 12E 5N for access to the Blue Candle at 12E 8N.

Level 4
There are two halves of level 4. The first part is accessed by the elevator. There you can obtain the Skeleton Key at 9E 9S, and search for the Battery at 11E 7S (Brian in the Den of Thieves will later tell you to search around here). The second half is accessed later in the game.

Level 5
From the elevator exit on level 5, you can exit Manfretti's by purchasing a Ticket from Big Max at 7E 1S. He will return the Ticket Stubs, which you can retain for future access. You can then work your way past some spinners to the Snatch at 5E 12S. He will describe what the Pocket Watch looks like.

Return to Levels 3 & 4
On level 3 you can now use the Battery at 6E 9N (search first). By using the description from the Snatch (CDEG), you will produce the Pocket Watch. Now use the Blue Candle at 12E 25S. This leads to stairs to the second half of level 4. Pass through the Jigsaw Bank and Trust by turning on all of the access gates (open wall panels by choosing the directions that the Discs on the floor hint at with their first letter, eg. nofe = north). Use the Gold Key at 15W 21S, then take the teleport at 8W 21S to the Hall of Mirrors. Once you have exited the Hall (from 6W 17S facing South, K, L, K, K, L, K, R, K, L, K, K, L, K, R, K, R, K, K, R), answer the riddle at 1W 24S (TIME, as told by one of the ladies on level 5) and use the Skeleton Key at 4E 24S. Use the Pocketwatch at 2E 24S to summon the Loon. From him you can buy the Lark in a Cage. He will teleport your party back to the castle. Next take the stairs at LVL1 15E 9N down to LVL4 6E 3N. After you work your way through the Den of Thieves and their secret doors, you can use the Petrified Demon at 6E 17S (the Laughing Kettle tells you this) to gain access to the Jack of Spades at 11E 16S.

Level 6
The Chute at LVL1 18E 6S leads to LVL6 3E 27S. On level 6 you can first get the Ice Key at 0E 2S, and the Queen of Hearts at 8W 9S. Next visit Evil Eyes around 7W 2S. He has an item called the Gold Medallion that you need, but he's not selling it! Your Thief or Ninja must steal it from him. Use the Gold Medallion at 14E 5S. This will awaken Yog, who knows how to put the Ice Ferry at 7E 18S back together. Describe the mannequin to him and he will tell you the sequence needed for operation. Turn on the Ferry (GDAFEBC) and then use the Ice Key to visit the Ice King. After defeating him you will obtain the King of Diamonds.

Level 7
From now until the end of the game, it is quickest to cast MALOR (14S 0E 5D) from the castle stairs, go through the secret door at LVL6 7E 17S, and take the stairs at 10E 27S to the southwest corner of level 7. You can return to the castle by visiting one of the three Pits of Hades (accessed from the other three corners of level 7) and taking its stairs, which lead directly to the castle. On level 7 you can obtain the Staff of Earth (5W 13S, need Munke Wand), the Staff of Air (12W 7S, need Lark in a Cage, answer LIFE), the Staff of Water (10E 12N), and the Staff of Fire (13E 9S, need the Lightning Rod at 13E 8N). You should now have all four elemental staffs and three of the four cards (don't worry about this, as Andy's Ghost tells you, he likes to play the Ace after the other three have been played).

Level 777
It isn't necessary to access this level in order to win the game, but it is a great place to gain experience and items (look especially for the fat tubby demons - Nether Demons, Archdevils, and Dark Lords - they're worth the most exp), not to mention a fun place to hang out. Note that you are very far underground, so the Dumapic spell is not always entirely accurate. The Ghosts' Nest at 73E 63N, however, does provide some essential clues (there you will find the Ghosts of Davy, Andy, and Robby, incarnations of the game's creators), but these characters also frequent the Air section of level 7. See also the Cheats and Secrets section for information about the mysterious La-La Moo Moo.

Level 8
The Endgame sequence involves giving a card for passage to each of the respective four card lords on level 7 (you can kill the card lords, but doing so sends you straight to level 777), using the Orb to take the corresponding color stairs to level 8, then using the proper elemental staff along with the right combination to close the Triaxial Gate. Before each Gate access you will fight Dopplegangers of your own party. On the third self-combat you will receive the Ace of Clubs, so you must first do the other three suits in any order. After the last of the four gates is closed, proceed to 0E 0N for your rendezvous with the Sorn.

The ladies Jane and Brenda on level 5 tell you to ask the Laughing Kettle and Ruby Warlock about the Divine Aspects. The Laughing Kettle and Ruby Warlock, along with Davy's Ghost, each disclose one of the three Divine Aspects. They are: KINGDOM, TIME, NATURE. By prompting each of the Card Lords about each aspect, you will learn the combinations to use on level 8 to close each part of the Triaxial Gate. Here is the information you need:

Suit & Location Color Staff Gate Riddle
Hearts (NE) Blue Water BEH Growth
Spades (NW) Red Earth ADI Nature
Diamonds (SW) Yellow Fire CFG Change
Clubs (SE) White Air A-I Man

After the last gate is closed (you may want to first visit the spell and HP charging pool at LVL7 10E 12N), journey to the Heart of the Maelstrom (LVL8 0E 0N):

Heart of the Maelstrom
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The Sorn and company are protected by a shield that can only be broken by the Abriel spell. What? You can't cast it? Well, then just summon back the Gatekeeper from where the Sorn banished him, and he'll take care of it. In some versions (not in the Wizardry Archives), the shield is physical as well as magical and works both ways, so you are given the opportunity to first prepare your defenses: cast many defensive screens before summoning the Gatekeeper for an easier combat. After you defeat the Sorn, the Gatekeeper bids you farewell, but not before giving you the game-winning item (the Heart of Abriel, with which you can teach one of your Mages or Bishops the spell). Return to the castle and you're done!

Cheats and Secrets

If you tell any of the NPCs "Fuck You," you will get the response you deserve....

If you are playing the Wizardry Archives, you can easily make a backup of your scenario file. This was used in previous scenarios to ensure your characters enjoy profitable level gains. This isn't that needed here because the rule that characters often lost attributes when they gained levels has been fixed. You are, however, also allowed to Quit an expedition in the dungeon. The cheat here is to save next to one of the pools in the dungeon that modify character attributes. By using and replacing scenario backup files, you can considerably hone your characters.

The Petrified Demon, obtained at LVL3 2W 14S, when invoked, will increase a character's hit points and decrease their vitality (if it is more than 3). If you have a character about to undergo a class change, there's no reason not to use this item as many times as desired. It can also be used in conjunction with the previous cheat.

Don't waste time learning to swim - the item Rubber Duck from the Mad Stomper (wandering NPC on level 3, near 8S 7E) allows a character to swim to any level of a pool safely. This information is hinted at by the Lady Luciana on level 5.

Silver Mail, found on Level 4 (a good place to get it is by stealing/buying from the thieves in the Thieves Den or winning it in a Chest), can be used to heal characters. Do not equip the item, because it is cursed, but all characters except Mages can still invoke its special power.

The Laughing Kettle is behind a secret door at LVL1 22E 23N (Dombo in the Den of Thieves tells you this). After you buy all his clues (recommended), you can start fighting him. Well trained characters can defeat him for much experience. You can then either resurrect the Kettle at the Temple, or fight the endless supply of Greater Demons at his spot.

There is a secret door at LVL777 35E 91N. When you enter it, a message will read: "The gods of Wizardry gather for a moment of silent salute. Then they depart and laugh." You can then take a teleport to Level 1. Through another secret door resides the infamous La-La Moo Moo - the most powerful monster in the dungeon (G'Bli Gedook ends every sentence with "La-La be praised," and Rick in the Den of Thieves tells you that La-La Moo Moo is an Egyptian). You can fight La-La Moo-Moo and other demons to obtain premium items.

After quitting an expedition, you can restart it with only some of the characters, do some exploring, and then Inspect to pick up the rest of your party. This trick could prove useful for the self-combats on level 8. For example, you could choose to go one-on-one, or bring along wimpy characters to tip the scales.

What are the runes scattered throughout the dungeon for? It's been suggested that they stand for words, when viewed from a distance, that correspond to game clues. See the link above for possible translations.

The End

Heart of the Maelstrom
Screenshot by John Hubbard
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