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Wizards and Warriors World Map
The Gael Serran, Click to Enlarge
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See also the intro page for bug warnings, the classes page for data and tips for party building, and the cheats page for tips and tricks. You can also download my characters from the files page.

Heuristic Park, the game's developer, has released an an unofficial patch (one not sanctioned by Activision, the game's distributor). More patch info is on the Files Page.

A more detailed click-by-click walkthrough the game is availavle here.


  1. From Valeia to N'Ha
  2. From N'Ha to Brimloch Roon
  3. From Brimloch Roon to Endgame

I. From Valeia to N'Ha



  1. Kill a wandering rogue east of Valeia.
  2. Visit the Toad Village Shaman.
  3. Retrieve a sword from a temple tomb.
  1. Deliver an elixir to the toad by the Old Millhouse.
  2. Donate 500 gold.
  3. Return a ring from the top of the elevator room in the crypt.
  1. Meet Scabben in the crypt.
  2. Kill a serpent priest west of the caves.
  3. Return the orb from the gypsy basement.
  1. Collect 5 skeleton skulls.
  2. Kill a wandering troll.
  3. Deliver a scroll to the N'Ha Town Hall.
  1. Kill the serpent priestess in the Serpent Temple.
  2. [See section below].
  3. [See section below].
  1. Collect 10 serpent coins from the Serpent Temple.
  2. [See section below].
  3. [See section below].

II. From N'Ha to Brimloch Roon



  1. Kill a ghost in Shurgeon Castle.
  2. Deliver a scroll invitation to a guard in the Stout Mines.
  3. Kill the giant who has the Magic Lamp, through the second exit to the Boogre Caves.
  1. [See above section].
  2. Get Galian's scroll from Shurgeon Castle.
  3. Deliver a parchment to Jathil west of Dragon Spire.
  1. Return Ardibren's relic from Shurgeon Castle.
  2. Touch Aju's Idol in the Boogre Caves.
  3. Get Colanth's eye in the Dragon Spire pool.
  1. Kill a werewolf between Dragon Spire and the Stout Mines.
  2. Turn off the brass dragon at Dragon Spire.
  3. Kill a bandit northwest of Dragon Spire.
  1. Deliver an arrow to a samurai near Dragon Spire.
  2. Find Grunaxe's ghost in the Boogre Cave.
  3. Kill Shrew Chishi at an inlet west off Boogre Lake.
  1. [See above section].
  2. Get Ardibren's book in Shurgeon Castle.
  3. Return the Band of Boars from the Boogre Caves exit.

III. From Brimloch Roon to Endgame



  1. Get the centaur's (Argithius) helmet, immediately northwest of Brimloch Roon.
  2. Get Goshin's (an Ettin) shield in Skull Castle.
  3. Kill a renegade wizard on the east coast of the Enchanted Isle. He only appears after the quest is initiated.
  1. Find the Fountain of Isis north of the Enchanted Isle.
  2. Retrieve the ankh of Isis from the Shrine of Anephas on the Enchanted Isle.
  3. Get the Monk's Amulet in the desert treasure on the eastern edge of the Isle of Sands.
  1. Kill the vampire at the end of Skull Castle.
  2. Retrieve a seed from a living tree in the Isle of Sands.
  3. [Open the shrine, but impossible to get quest unless you tree-climb or kill Oakenmir].
  1. Kill the centaur Gineleng far north by the living tree.
  2. Kill the hydra at the entrance to the Isle of Sands.
  3. [I didn't get assigned this quest, if there is one].
  1. Kill the guardian inside the Isis Temple on the Enchanted Isle.
  2. Kill Bloodbeard at the second exit to the Temple of Isis.
  3. Get the Sword of the Stone on an island in the northern Lost Sea.
  1. Deliver a hook to a pirate southwest of Skull Island.
  2. Get the Leprechaun's amulet above Kerah's Temple.
  3. [Get something from the mother of all crabs - but quest not assigned due to unpatched bug.]
  1. Collect 3 conch shells. The yardmaster will make them into two underwater breathing items.

See also Ironworks: Wizards & Warriors for more detailed guides and hints.

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