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Basic class data is missing or not well presented in the manual, so here are some charts regarding class characteristics.

Spell Books and Thieving Skills

Spirit Sun Moon Vine Stone Fiend Thief
Priest     Priest      
  Wizard     Wizard    
    Warlock     Warlock  
    Bard       Bard
    Ninja       Ninja
Valkyre       Valkyre    
    Assassin     Assassin  
Zen Master Zen Master Zen Master Zen Master Zen Master Zen Master  

Class Requirements

  Barbarian Paladin Warlock Samurai Monk Bard Ranger Ninja
Intellect     10 8 8 10   8
Spirituality   10 10   10   8 8
Will     10 8 10 8   10
Presence 8 10 10   8     8
Strength 12 8   8 8   8 8
Dexterity 8 8   10 8 10 9 10
Agility 8 8   10 10 8 9 10
Fortitude 12 8 8 8 8   8 8

Guild Memberships

Temple Armory Magic Pawn Dojo
Paladin Paladin      
Monk       Monk
Warlock   Warlock    
  Samurai Samurai   Samurai
    Bard Bard  
  Barbarian   Barbarian  
  Ninja   Ninja Ninja

Changing Classes

You can't change to one of the four basic classes, and must complete a quest before changing to an elite class.

Party Development

I dropped the Bard role from my plans - they can play magical musical instruments (instead for which enchanted items can be made), but that's about it. The whole lock picking thing is met by the Barbarian and others, plus the Vine Pry and Disarm Trap spells I'm using more often anyway (not as good as BT's Trap Zap, but they work better than fumbling with lock picks).

In addition to classes, plan ahead who is going to specialize in what traits, especially to avoid needless redundancies; it does no good for someone to spend points developing an Artifact skill up to Level 6 if another party member is already at Level 9. Skills max out at level 12. In addition to their spell books and weapons, I specialized Johne in locks, Birgitte in smithing, Subotai in stealth fighting, Shamino in enchanting, Polgara in blessing, and Raistlin in artifacts. Here are their complimentary role developments:

Johne Warrior Barbarian Paladin Zenmaster
Birgitte Warrior Ranger Ninja Valkyrie
Subotai Priest Samurai Assassin  
Shamino Priest Warlock Samurai  
Polgara Wizard Warlock Ranger  
Raistlin Wizard Monk Warlock  

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