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Wizardry in Days of Yore

The first computer owned by John Hubbard (aka TK421) was an Apple ][+ and it was purchased with two programs: AppleWriter and Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord. To this day the Wizardry Series remains one of my top favorite games - so much so that the phrase "Prepare Yourself for the Ultimate in Fantasy Games" (from the opening screen of Wizardry I) has come to carry almost sacred meaning to me - and not just for nostalgia reasons. Wizardry represents an excellent balance of simple gaming and imagination, and was of course a foundation for virtually all later CRPGs. Also, since many of the newer games are needlessly complicated in their efforts to be more realistic, this only greater illustrates the limitations of using computers to simulate fantasy games (I haven't even played Wizardry 6 or 7 yet, so I'm not exactly clue central in those areas).

Baffled by the fact that there are over 100 Ultima sites on the Internet, but very few Wizardry fan pages, I decided to devote time attempting to create one of the best Wizardry pages on the Web. The site, originally entitled "Prepare for the Ultimate in Fantasy Games" and located at http://members.aol.com/analander/wizardry/ began forming in 1997 as a brief overview of Wizardry I. Wizardry II was soon added, and then the site expanded to include Wizardry I-V.

With the growth of the online Wizardry community, I have been fortunate enough to build some of the site contents with the narratives from the former "Kyler's Wizardry Den" and some donated images from the now off-line "Skulrag's Wizardry Gallery" plus I am also pleased to host the new set of Wizardry maps drawn by Andriy Sen. This site also relies upon fan comments, suggestions and corrections, which are always welcome. This site is by the fans and for the fans, after all.

This Wizardry site is dedicated to Trebor and Werdna, AKA Robert Woodhead and Andrew Greenberg, the creators of the Wizardry series. And since you, the visitors, have taken the time to learn a little about me - here's a little something special: reverse the letters of my real first name, and replace the file name of this page (about) with it to access the secret page!

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