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December 2023

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  1. Mysterious woman tells school board that Scholastic book sparked porn addiction [Popular Information]
  2. Endgame: Royal race row naming not publicity stunt, says author Omid Scobie [BBC News]
  3. Bestselling authors join Penguin Random House lawsuit over Iowa’s new book ban law [CNN]
  4. How American Librarians Helped Defeat the Nazis [JSTOR Daily]
  5. Sports Illustrated found publishing AI generated stories, photos and authors [PBS NewsHour]
  6. Florida AG Says School Libraries Are for “Government Speech,” Not Free Expression [Them]
  7. The federal government is considering serious consequences for fake reviews [WSB-TV]
  8. Neither open nor equitable [College & Research Libraries News]
  9. Prosecuting teachers and librarians for ‘obscene’ books sought in bill [Wisconsin Examiner]
  10. The Texas Historical Commission Removed Books on Slavery From Plantation Gift Shops [Texas Monthly]
  11. The ‘hijacking’ of the Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems: Implications for the information systems community [Information Systems Journal]
  12. Dr. David Agus rewrote his new book after his collaborator admitted to plagiarism [CBS News]
  13. Couple ‘Indefinitely’ Checks Out Children’s Books They Deem Anti-Israel From Local Library [The Messenger]
  14. Publisher drops author for using fake accounts to ‘review-bomb’ peers [The Guardian]
  15. Sports Illustrated publisher fires CEO in latest round of exec terminations after AI scandal [NBC News]
  16. E-books are fast becoming tools of corporate surveillance [Fast Company]
  17. "Politics of Memory": Masha Gessen's Hannah Arendt Prize Postponed for Comparing Gaza, Warsaw Ghetto [Democracy Now!]
  18. There Is No Such Thing As a Good Book: On “The Art of Libromancy” [Public Books]
  19. Two years of efforts to ban books are taking a toll on school librarians [STLPR]
  20. Internet Archive Files Appeal Brief Defending Libraries and Digital Lending From Big Publishers’ Legal Attack [EFF]
  21. UW-Milwaukee SDS rally demands library name change to honor Palestinian martyrs [Fight Back! News]
  22. Ten Stories That Shaped 2023 [LISNews]
  23. How Do You Even Sell a Book Anymore? [The Walrus]
  24. Facebook Is Being Overrun With Stolen, AI-Generated Images That People Think Are Real [404 Media]
  25. The Disturbing Impact of the Cyberattack at the British Library [The New Yorker]
  26. Massachusetts Police Officer Searches Middle School Classroom For LGBTQ+ Book, 'Concerning' Video Shows [Advocate]
  27. Orange school district pulls 673 books from teachers’ classroom shelves [Orlando Sentinel]
  28. Mickey Mouse, Long a Symbol in Copyright Wars, to Enter Public Domain: ‘It’s Finally Happening’ [Variety]
  29. These scientists aren’t using ChatGPT — here’s why [Nature]
  30. Embattled Harvard president Claudine Gay wouldn’t share research when academics questioned data in 2001 Stanford paper [New York Post]
  31. A Chinese professor used AI to write a science fiction novel. Then it was a winner in a national competition [South China Morning Post]

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