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November 2023

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  1. The restaurant nearest Google [The Verge]
  2. Gladstone's: The UK's only residential library [BBC Travel]
  3. Are We Having a Moral Panic Over Misinformation? [Undark]
  4. Florida becomes latest state to cut ties with American Library Association after 'Marxist' controversy [Fox News]
  5. Here’s a rare look at Google’s most lucrative search queries [The Verge]
  6. Improving Contract Negotiations for Library Collections through Open Records Requests [College & Research Libraries]
  7. All Seasons Press Sues Mark Meadows over Alleged Lies in Memoir [Publishers Weekly]
  8. Right-wing fake history is making a big comeback — but it never went away [Salon]
  9. Kristallnacht, 85 years ago, marks the point Hitler moved from an emotional antisemitism to a systematic antisemitism of laws and government violence [The Conversation]
  10. Steve Martin is 'so proud' of his novella Shopgirl being banned from school libraries in Florida [Entertainment Weekly]
  11. 'Book-banning crusade' across the U.S.: What does it cost American taxpayers? [USA Today]
  12. Members of Moms for Liberty in Florida report Librarians to Police [Popular.Information]
  13. Debunking the Myth of “Anonymous” Data [EFF]
  14. Is the Internet really broken? [Elizabeth Tai]
  15. Vt. libraries push for funding as they find themselves on front lines of housing crisis [WCAX]
  16. Who owns AI art? [The Verge]
  17. ‘I’m not real proud’: St. Marys public library gets new lease by removing LGBTQ books for kids [Kansas Reflector]
  18. ChatGPT Created a Fake Dataset With Skewed Results [Medpage Today]
  19. Most NYC libraries will close on Sundays due to city budget cuts [Brooklyn Magazine]
  20. School and Public Librarians Describe On-the-Job Harassment [School Library Journal]
  21. Pink to Give Away Banned Books at Florida Tour Stops [Rolling Stone]
  22. U.S. Parents Think Reading Instruction Is Going OK—Until They See National Test Results [Education Week]
  23. ‘I was addicted to social media - now I'm suing Big Tech’ [BBC News]
  24. A Librarian's Lens on Today's Library [Inclusive Excellence Podcast]
  25. Scientists paid large publishers over $1 billion in four years to have their studies published with open access [El País]
  26. Savannah Fletcher represents case against Mat-Su Borough School District [KTVF]
  27. ‘See You In Court’: The Fight Against Disinformation Turns to the Legal System [Online Searcher]
  28. Figuring Out Fair Use [American Libraries]
  29. In the battle over books, who gets to decide what's age-appropriate at libraries? [Morning Edition]
  30. Proposed legislation would notify parents of child library checkouts [Wisconsin Examiner]

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