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January 2024

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  1. Public libraries vs. quorum courts: an ongoing local conflict throughout Arkansas [Arkansas Advocate]
  2. ‘No, that’s fascism’: the librarian who defied Russia’s purge of LGBTQ+ books [The Guardian]
  3. A library of the ‘future’: Can it make the world a better place? [Al Jazeera]
  4. Librarians, who lost jobs for not banning books, are fighting back [Morning Edition]
  5. A closer look at the ‘chocolate with high cocoa content’ hoax [Retraction Watch]
  6. Best Buy says it will soon stop selling DVDs and Blu-ray discs [Morning Edition]
  7. Dangerous Ideas: The Right to Read Freely [Tracie D. Hall]
  8. All Science journals will now do an AI-powered check for image fraud [Ars Technica]
  9. TikTok Defends 'Mychal the Librarian,' Confronting Online Hate with Empathy [Good Good Good]
  10. Bill Ackman says it is a 'near certainty' that academics will improperly cite others' work after his wife admitted to plagiarism [Business Insider]
  11. Generative AI Has a Visual Plagiarism Problem [IEEE Spectrum]
  12. From a Young Age, Children Tune in to Audiobooks [School Library Journal]
  13. Scammy AI-Generated Books Are Flooding Amazon [Wired]
  14. School district bans the dictionary to comply with Ron DeSantis’s book-ban law [MSN]
  15. Large Language Publishing [Upstream]
  16. The Plagiarism War Has Begun [The Atlantic]
  17. ‘The incentive to steal isn’t there’: the lost cause of tracking library theft [The Guardian]
  18. Throwing the Book at Amazon’s Monopoly Hold on Publishing [The Nation]
  19. It's not just you, Google Search really has gotten worse [Mashable]
  20. Texas ban on ‘sexually explicit’ books in school libraries halted by federal appeals court [The Dallas Morning News]
  21. Librarians in Oregon share concerns about dangers at work [NBC News]
  22. How copyright lawsuits could kill OpenAI [Vox]
  23. Media literacy is more than spotting fake news. How one librarian gives teens the tools to decide what to trust [CNN]
  24. You can’t put a price on the joy of libraries []
  25. Hollywood Keeps Reminding Us Why We Need Physical Media More Than Ever [IGN Africa]
  26. Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin among thousands of British artists used to train AI software, Midjourney [The Guardian]
  27. Idaho librarians contemplate leaving work — and the state — as a result of proposed legislation [Idaho Capital Sun]
  28. George Carlin Estate Sues Creators of AI-Generated Comedy Special in Key Lawsuit Over Stars’ Likenesses [The Hollywood Reporter]
  29. Where Should the Caldecott Sticker Go? [Publishers Weekly]
  30. The Science Journals That Will Publish Anything [Office for Science and Society]
  31. The Second Digital Transformation [The Scholarly Kitchen]

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