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October 2022

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  1. Publishing Is Weird: How My Book Became a Hit with Elderly People [John Green]
  2. The strain of censorship on public libraries [WAMU]
  3. Amazon launches Kindle Scribe alongside raft of smart home products [The Guardian]
  4. How Will Academia Handle the Zero Embargo? [The Scholarly Kitchen]
  5. Threatening Letter Including Bullet Prompted Downers Grove Library to Cancel Drag Queen Bingo Event [NBC Chicago]
  6. Publishers Lose Their Shit After Authors Push Back On Their Attack On Libraries [Techdirt]
  7. Where Is All the Book Data? [Public Books]
  8. Responding to Criticism, Publisher Reinstates Blocked Ebooks [Inside Higher Ed]
  9. Book challenges surge as public libraries become latest political battleground [MLive]
  10. Paper Supply Issues, Mill Closures, and the Printing and Packaging Industries [Printing Impressions]
  11. The US Needs to Recognize Intimate Privacy as a Civil Right [Wired]
  12. Who decides what is acceptable speech on social media platforms? [PBS NewsHour]
  13. New Right to Read Bill Expands School Library Access, Students’ Rights to Read [Book Riot]
  14. The Supreme Court meets Andy Warhol, Prince and a case that could threaten creativity [All Things Considered]
  15. Dearborn board returns to book policy after meeting halted Monday [The Detroit News]
  16. Did We Really Violate Community Guidelines? [Ask a Mortician]
  17. Martin Lewis backs guide for libraries wanting to become winter ‘warm banks’ [The Guardian]
  18. Why University of Washington librarians went on strike for the day [The Seattle Times]
  19. Is Alex Jones verdict the death of disinformation? Unlikely [Associated Press]
  20. Artists say AI image generators are copying their style to make thousands of new images — and it's completely out of their control [Insider]
  21. The miracle of the commons [Aeon Essays]
  22. 'Lost Water Bottles of Summertime' [FOX 17 WXMI]
  23. Proposed Missouri rule would restrict minors' access to 'age-appropriate' materials in state libraries [Springfield News-Leader]
  24. After Her Book Displays Drew Criticism, Librarian Elissa Malespina Lost Her Job. She’s Here to Say “I’m Not OK with This.” [School Library Journal]
  25. Journal seeks to upend scientific publishing by only reviewing—not accepting—manuscripts [Science]
  26. Bike Libraries Are Boosting Access To Bikes Across The U.S. [Next City]
  27. Florida Puts Raging MAGA Moms on Book-Banning Council [The Daily Beast]
  28. Rampant ‘Shadow Libraries’ Drive Calls for Anti-Piracy Action [Bloomberg Law]
  29. With U.S. midterms ahead, Musk's Twitter takeover raises fear of misinformation wave [Reuters]
  30. Library board accepts director resignation ‘with regret’ as book controversy rages on [The Daily Herald]
  31. Rare book laced with arsenic found in library [BBC News]

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