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September 2022

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  1. Sacred Texts and Respectful Burial [Kol Safran]
  2. Ryan Walters calls to revoke certification of Norman teacher who resigned over HB 1775 [The Oklahoman]
  3. Moderna files patent infringement lawsuits against Pfizer and BioNTech over mRNA Covid-19 vaccines [CNN]
  4. Katy ISD police 'investigated' a library book after complaint alleged it was 'harmful to minors' [Houston Chronicle]
  5. From book stacks to psychosis and food stamps, librarians confront a new workplace [Salon]
  6. Protesters disrupt 'Drag Queen Story Hour' event at California bookstore [NBC News]
  7. The Ecstasy of Influence [Harper's Magazine]
  8. Oklahoma School Book Ban Blocks Works From Eight Black Authors—Full List [Newsweek]
  9. Hong Kong judge finds five guilty over children's books [BBC News]
  10. Wikipedia’s Secret Sauce [Now I Know]
  11. Conservatives join liberals in 'quiet and polite' Idaho protest to protect their library from book-banners [CNN]
  12. The oligopoly’s shift to open access publishing [Proceedings of the Annual Conference of CAIS]
  13. Huntsville residents push back after city removes ‘Read With Pride’ display from public library [Houston Public Media]
  14. Major credit card companies are making it easier to track gun sales [NPR]
  15. ICOLC Statement on the Metadata Rights of Libraries [International Coalition of Library Consortia]
  16. Censorship Attempts Will Have a Long-lasting Impact on School Library Collections, SLJ Survey Shows [School Library Journal]
  17. Unboxing, bad baby and evil Santa: how YouTube got swamped with creepy content for kids [The Guardian]
  18. Could the Internet Archive Go Out Like Napster? [Slate]
  19. How conservative Facebook groups are changing what books children read in school [MIT Technology Review]
  20. New report finds a coordinated rise in attempted book bans [NPR]
  21. Fort Worth libraries close early due to 'credible bomb threat' [FOX 4]
  22. Overwhelming Majority of American Voters Strongly Oppose Book Banning According to National Poll [Book Riot]
  23. Pandemic stresses increasing burnout among librarians [UWM Report]
  24. Threats close Denver’s public libraries, area high school amid surge in “traumatizing” hoax calls nationwide [The Denver Post]
  25. Amazon is changing their Kindle Book Return Policy [Good e-Reader]
  26. Why Are So Many Books Being Banned? - Beyond the Scenes [The Daily Show]
  27. The 'dangerous' books too powerful to read [BBC News]
  28. Girls Who Code founder speaks out after learning that a Pennsylvania school district had banned her books: 'This is about controlling women and it starts with controlling our girls' [Insider]
  29. How Lizzo came to play a president’s crystal flute on a D.C. stage [The Washington Post]
  30. Publisher Blocks Access to Ebooks, Scrambling Fall Courses [Inside Higher Ed]

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