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November 2022

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  1. Opinion: The school library used to be a sanctuary. Now it’s a battleground [CNN]
  2. Court Blocks Penguin Random House, S&S Merger [Publishers Weekly]
  3. Royal Society of Chemistry will make all its journals open access [Chemistry World]
  4. How Google’s Ad Business Funds Disinformation Around the World [Pro Publica]
  5. Book Banners are Weaponizing Legitimate Resources [Book Riot]
  6. Are bots winning the war to control social media? [Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis]
  7. Cost of living: 'My children have no idea we're here to keep warm' [BBC News]
  8. Clarivate and OCLC Settle Lawsuit [Clarivate]
  9. Should Webb telescope’s data be open to all? [Science]
  10. Deceptive Academic Journals: An excerpt from The Predator Effect [Retraction Watch]
  11. The Quiet Invasion of 'Big Information' [Wired]
  12. Missouri Proposes New ‘Protection of Minors’ Rule for Libraries [Publishers Weekly]
  13. Michigan residents vote to defund public library again over LGBTQ books [The Hill]
  14. FBI, ATF helping with Little Free Library explosion investigation [ARLnow]
  15. Twitter’s potential collapse could wipe out vast records of recent human history [MIT Technology Review]
  16. Amazon, Barnes & Noble Urged In Open Letter Signed By Celebrities To Pull Controversial Film And Book Promoted By Kyrie Irving [Deadline]
  17. The E-Book Wars [Planet Money]
  18. Libraries Under Attack [On the Media]
  19. Recording Gender: An Ethical Cataloging Conundrum [Amber Billey]
  20. Libraries Are Launching Their Own Local Music Streaming Platforms [Motherboard]
  21. Kansas town threatens to kick out library after it refused to remove ‘divisive’ books [KCUR]
  22. How to Install a Little Free Library [Ask This Old House]
  23. How Stochastic Terrorism Uses Disgust to Incite Violence [Scientific American]
  24. Paramount Scraps Simon & Schuster Sale to Penguin Random House, Will Get $200M Kill Fee [Hollywood Reporter]
  25. This Bot Is the Most Dangerous Thing Meta’s Made Yet [The Daily Beast]
  26. Who Owns the Copyright For AI Generated Thanksgiving Recipes? [American University Intellectual Property Brief]
  27. Redacted Documents Are Not as Secure as You Think [Wired]
  28. It Only Takes One Parent to Get All The Graphic Novels Removed From a School Library [Motherboard]
  29. The Year We Banned Books [Texas Monthly]
  30. ‘Publishing is not a crime’: media groups urge US to drop Julian Assange charges [The Guardian]

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