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August 2022

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  1. You Can't Stop Pirate Libraries [Reason]
  2. What's at stake as book publishing merger faces antitrust trial [CNN]
  3. Utah school district pulls 52 books after concerns and flagged another 32 for later review [The Salt Lake Tribune]
  4. Donít look now, but the blockchain is gearing up to make book sales suck too [Stuff]
  5. Upset over LGBTQ books, a Michigan town defunds its library in tax vote [Bridge Michigan]
  6. Bullet-hole Riddled Books Prompt Library Closure [Flathead Beacon]
  7. Bomb threats, canceled events, empty schools: How a bullying probe in Kiel paralyzed the Wisconsin town's democracy [PBS Wisconsin]
  8. Citation based literature mapping tools - an update - tools offering premium accounts, the effects of the loss of MAG and use for evidence synthesis? [Aaron Tay's Musings about librarianship]
  9. The right in the US has a new bogeyman: libraries [The Guardian]
  10. How the FBI knew what to search for at Mar-a-Lago Ė and why the Presidential Records Act is an essential tool for the National Archives and future historians [The Conversation]
  11. American Library Association (ALA) Condemns Proposed State Legislation Limiting Access to Information on Reproductive Health [ALA]
  12. The Obscenity Pivot [Slate]
  13. The librarian who defied the Taliban [BBC News]
  14. Most efforts to ban books in Texas schools came from 1 politician and GOP pressure, not parents [Houston Chronicle]
  15. Tennessee District Attorney Now Denies That She Would Prosecute Librarians for Keeping Queer Books [Jezebel]
  16. In rare move, school librarian fights back in court against conservative activists [NBC News]
  17. Book World Rallies To Condemn Attack on Salman Rushdie [Library Journal]

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