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March 2022

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  1. The Battle for the Soul of the Library [The New York Times]
  2. Are libraries neutral? [Emily Drabinski]
  3. President of the Ukrainian Library Association to the World: “We Are at the Forefront of the Fight Against Fakes, Misinformation, and Cyber Threats!” [School Library Journal]
  4. Del Mar couple claims ‘donor abuse’ in dispute with SDSU over rare music collection [The San Diego Union Tribune]
  5. Good Riddance to Amazon’s Terrible Bookstores [The New Republic]
  6. UK universities brace for impact of sanctions against Russia [The Guardian]
  7. We Must Lead on Digital Equity [American Libraries]
  8. Oklahoma legislative committee advances school library book ban bill [The Oklahoman]
  9. Lost for words: protecting libraries and archives in Ukraine [The Scotsman]
  10. Connecticut Introduces Library E-book Bill [Publishers Weekly]
  11. In final hours, Indiana lawmakers revive — and then kill — book-banning bill [IndyStar]
  12. Ukraine's libraries are offering bomb shelters, camouflage classes and, yes, books [NPR]
  13. Mississippi assistant principal fired after reading children's book 'I Need a New Butt!' to second graders [NBC News]
  14. Idaho Republicans push bill that would fine and jail librarians for certain books [Salon]
  15. Russia says its businesses can steal patents from anyone in ‘unfriendly’ countries [The Washington Post]
  16. Claims about ‘white genocide’ pushed Kansas City-area library leader to resign [The Kansas City Star]
  17. Collections Are Our Relatives Disrupting the Singular, White Man’s Joy That Shaped Collections [Jessie Loyer]
  18. Nationwide effort to ban books challenges freedom of speech [PBS NewsHour]
  19. What Google Search Isn’t Showing You [The New Yorker]
  20. Jennie Rose Halperin: A Tech-Positive Future for Libraries, Controlled Digital Lending & US CASE Act [Walled Culture]
  21. They spent $3 million on a Dune script bible — now what? [The Verge]
  22. Llano County librarian loses job after not removing books [KXAN Austin]
  23. Libraries and the Contested Terrain of “Neutrality” [The Scholarly Kitchen]
  24. Comics, Graphic Novels Drive Popularity of Early Readers [School Library Journal]
  25. Publishing Giants Are Fighting Libraries on E-Books [Sludge]
  26. From libraries to police training: Controversial Ohio education bill goes beyond classroom [The Columbus Dispatch]
  27. Afghanistan’s libraries go into blackout: ‘It is painful to see the distance between people and books grow’ [The Conversation]
  28. Is that the new James Patterson? American jails and prisons are taking a page from S.F.’s behind-bars library [San Francisco Chronicle]
  29. Progressives are resisting rightwing book banning campaigns – and are winning [The Guardian]
  30. A Scientific Explanation for Your Urge to Sniff Old Books [Literary Hub]
  31. Being a Public Librarian Can Be Dangerous Work, Why Don’t We Acknowledge That? [Electric Literature]

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