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February 2022

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  1. Continued Harassment of Library Workers in Illinois [Book Riot]
  2. Cheese wars [Planet Money]
  3. Banned: Books on race and sexuality are disappearing from Texas schools in record numbers [NBC News]
  4. Academic Journal Claims it Fingerprints PDFs for ĎRansomware,í Not Surveillance [Motherboard]
  5. Right-Wing Pastor Greg Locke Holds 'Witchcraft' Book Burning [Newsweek]
  6. Synthetic Voices Want to Take Over Audiobooks [Wired]
  7. Reading Between the Lines [Flathead Beacon]
  8. Web3 is the future, or a scam, or both [Vox]
  9. 2022 Privacy@Michigan Keynote: Gabriela Zanfir-Fortuna [umichTECH]
  10. A push to remove LGBTQ-themed books in a Texas county could signal rising partisanship on school boards [The Texas Tribune]
  11. We Are NOT Okay: Library Worker Trauma Before and During COVID-19 and What Happens After [Infopeople Library Learning]
  12. Librarian's lament: Digital books are not fireproof [ZDNet]
  13. School boards battle librarians over book bans [ABC News]
  14. Libraries Are More Popular Than Ever and Library Workers Donít Earn Livable Wages: The State of U.S. Public Libraries [Book Riot]
  15. Whether up in smoke or down the toilet, missing presidential records are a serious concern [The Conversation]
  16. The State of the Version of Record [The Scholarly Kitchen]
  17. This is how western media lose credibility in Ukraine [StopFake]
  18. How Conservative Book Bans Donít Protect Kids [Full Frontal with Samantha Bee]
  19. When is a paper published? [The Research Whisperer]
  20. How the intellectual property monopoly has impeded an effective response to Covid-19 [The Conversation]
  21. Court Blocks Marylandís Library E-book Law [Publishers Weekly]
  22. Is This Man the Notorious Spine Collector? [Vulture]
  23. LexisNexis and I.C.E.: An Examination of LexisNexisís Human Rights Responsibilities [New York University Journal of International Law and Politics]
  24. Lafayette library board cuts input from librarians in book banning review [The Advocate]
  25. Artificial Intelligence in academic libraries: How new AI services can support your library users [CHOICE Media Channel]
  26. Inside a former S.F. church, a battle for the future of knowledge [Datebook]
  27. The US Copyright Office says an AI canít copyright its art [The Verge]
  28. Congress expands investigation into missing and destroyed Trump presidential records [Los Angeles Times]

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