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April 2022

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  1. Elsevier Announces Hostile Takeover of Springshare, Intends to Convert all LibGuide Content to NFTs [The Scholarly Shill]
  2. I Am Haunted by Joe's Stupid Little Bookselling Apron [Gawker]
  3. Preserving the Past in the Digital Age Is Still a Massive Headache [San Francisco Classical Voice]
  4. New York City Libraries End Late Fees, and the Treasures Roll In [The New York Times]
  5. The Internet Is Not What You Think It Is: A History, A Philosophy, A Warning [Los Angeles Review of Books]
  6. Library study finds 'challenged' books soared in 2021 [CBS19 News]
  7. Flickr deleted, and then undeleted, 5 million archival images [Input]
  8. Congress to Hold Hearing on Book Bannings in Schools and Libraries [Publishers Weekly]
  9. The problem with the congressional GOPís antagonism toward Disney [MSNBC News]
  10. Meet the 1,300 librarians racing to back up Ukraineís digital archives [The Washington Post]
  11. The giant archive hidden under the British countryside [Tom Scott]
  12. What we can learn from people who take the Flat Earth theory seriously [Grid News]
  13. Shelf-promotion: the art of furnishing rooms with books you havenít read [The Guardian]
  14. Maryland Gives Up on Its Library E-book Law [Publishers Weekly]
  15. In South Africa, a Seed Librarian Seeks Ancestral Knowledge [Gastro Obscura]
  16. The History of Nazi Book Burning [Book Riot]
  17. The 2022 Peeps Diorama Contest [Library Arts Center]
  18. MARC Records vs. the Catalog [Ruth Kitchin Tillman]
  19. School librarians speak out against book bannings and censorship [Here & Now]
  20. Florida rejects 54 math books, claiming critical race theory appeared in some [NPR]
  21. In Lviv, Ukrainian volunteers create camo netting and community [NBC News]
  22. The Distance Between Our Values and Actions: We Canít Be Passive When it Comes to Privacy [Oregon Library Association Quarterly]
  23. Responsibility and the crisis of information [Jutta Haider, Olof Sundin]
  24. New Kentucky Law Hands Control of Libraries to Local Politicians [Publishers Weekly]
  25. Ebook Services Are Bringing Unhinged Conspiracy Books into Public Libraries [Vice]
  26. 5 things you may not know about DOIs or why there is more to DOIs than meets the eye [Aaron Tay's Musings about librarianship]
  27. A libraryís canceled romance book club calls attention to growing censorship [CNN]
  28. What Is A Library Under the Law (and Why Does it Matter?) [Libary Futures]
  29. Brooklyn Library Offers Access to Banned eBooks to Teens Across the U.S. [Book Riot]
  30. Elsevier to Acquire Interfolio [The Scholarly Kitchen]

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