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August 2021

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  1. Traveling Into the Future on Neural Engines [Jason Griffey]
  2. Whitefish Bay's library removed a sign addressing systemic racism after community complaints, including from a former Milwaukee Buck [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]
  3. Libraries Across The United States Are Ending Fines For Overdue Books [Forbes]
  4. From Alone to Together Again: Using Data to Deliver Value [Public Libraries Online]
  5. Drag Queen Storytime Continue to Stir Up Controversy as Well as Excitement Among Library Patrons [Intellectual Freedom Blog]
  6. We won’t get to a more equitable knowledge ecosystem if we don’t have more equitable ways to assess research and knowledge [Impact of Social Sciences]
  7. After a Temple librarian died, coworkers said the sick-leave policy ‘ran her into the ground’ [Philadelphia Inquirer]
  8. Sell This Book! [The Nation]
  9. The Ethics of Data: Anonymity Vs Analytics [NISO]
  10. New York Public Library’s Picture Collection Will Be Archived [The New York Times]
  11. Apple’s Descent From Privacy Hero To Privacy Villain [Eurasia Review]
  12. The rise of BookTok: meet the teen influencers pushing books up the charts [The Guardian]
  13. An Inflection Point for Libraries [Publishers Weekly]
  14. FTC disputes Facebook reasoning for shutting down NYU disinformation project [ZDNet]
  15. Can technology help authors write a book? [BBC News]
  16. Getting Police Out of Libraries Is the Aim of the Abolitionist Library Association [Teen Vogue]
  17. Exploring Bias and Library of Congress Subject Headings [Unbound]
  18. A Drug Addiction Risk Algorithm and Its Grim Toll on Chronic Pain Sufferers [Wired]
  19. As Taliban violence forces schools in Afghanistan to close, mobile libraries give hope to girls [South China Morning Post]
  20. Attorney asks Retraction Watch to remove post because client has lost out on opportunities [Retraction Watch]
  21. The Mysterious Figure Stealing Books Before Their Release [Vulture]
  22. Goodreads' Problem With Extortion Scams and Review Bombing [Time]
  23. 9 unique library jobs that have nothing to do with books [Shareable]
  24. 'These people were in bad, bad shape.' A look inside of a Florida library converted to a Covid-19 treatment site [CNN]
  25. Minecraft library provides gamers with "a safe haven for press freedom" [Dezeen]
  26. Afghans scramble to delete digital history, evade biometrics [Reuters]
  27. When the Public Feared That Library Books Could Spread Deadly Diseases [Smithsonian Magazine]
  28. 'It's sad to see.' School libraries are increasingly eliminated [New Jersey Herald]
  29. How AI-powered tech landed man in jail with scant evidence [Associated Press]
  30. How 4 college students tried to steal rare books worth millions from a school library — and what got them caught [CNBC]
  31. How blockchain could have saved the Library of Alexandria [Cointelegraph]

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