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July 2021

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  1. Cancel culture at work in eruptions over Pride Month, abortion in three Arkansas counties [Arkansas Times]
  2. The Internet Is Rotting [The Atlantic]
  3. Assessing the Impact of Sanitizing Products on Collection Items [Guardians of Memory: Preserving the National Collection]
  4. Memory Laws [The Experiment]
  5. US officer plays Taylor Swift song to try to block video [BBC News]
  6. So, Gutenberg Didn’t Actually Invent Printing As We Know It [Literary Hub]
  7. Gamers Are Better Than Scientists at Catching Fraud [The Atlantic]
  8. Bloomington PD in spotlight over tweet about 'thefts' from Little Free Libraries [Bring Me The News]
  9. YouTube’s recommender AI still a horror show, finds major crowdsourced study [TechCrunch]
  10. Juul: Taking Academic Corruption to a New Level [The American Prospect]
  11. A Deeper Look: Censorship beyond Books [American Libraries]
  12. Apple founder Steve Wozniak backs right-to-repair movement [BBC News]
  13. The pandemic showed remote proctoring to be worse than useless [Cory Doctorow]
  14. 7 sent back to Canada after using library lawn to enter U.S. from Quebec [CTV News]
  15. Right-Wingers Are Taking Over Library Boards to Remove Books on Racism [Truthout]
  16. Library of Congress Looks to AI to Help Users Sift Through Its Collection [The Wall Street Journal]
  17. Right to Repair explained in under 60 seconds [Louis Rossmann]
  18. How Fear of Government Surveillance Influences Our Behavior [Literary Hub]
  19. Two metadata directions [Lorcan Dempsey]
  20. The True Cost of Acquisitions [Acid Free Magazine]
  21. Master’s Degrees Are the Second Biggest Scam in Higher Education [Slate]
  22. How TikTok's Algorithm Figures Out Your Deepest Desires [Wall Street Journal]
  23. Dismantling the Evaluation Framework [In the Library with the Lead Pipe]
  24. Demolishing Public Libraries From The Inside: Niles Public Library Is a Warning [Book Riot]
  25. Future of 600,000 books being culled by National Library saved by digital library [1 News]
  26. What Cops Understand About Copyright Filters: They Prevent Legal Speech [EFF]
  27. Hong Kong police arrest authors of a children’s book in latest free speech crackdown [PBS NewsHour]
  28. Transformative agreements: Six myths, busted [College & Research Libraries News]
  29. The Chatbot Problem [Th New Yorker]
  30. Controlled digital lending – is it ‘piracy’? [Newsroom]
  31. Melissa’s Story and Sharpie Activism [Alex Gino]

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