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June 2021

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  1. What the ephemerality of the Web means for your hyperlinks [Columbia Journalism Review]
  2. Forget Art and Gems, Thieves Make Discreet Millions at the Library [The Daily Beast]
  3. Academics must become more engaged in the open access struggle [Times Higher Education]
  4. You are not a patron. So act like it. [What Does This Mean to Me, Laura?]
  5. Masked by Trust: Bias in Library Discovery [Matthew Reidsma]
  6. ‘If publishers become afraid, we’re in trouble’: publishing’s cancel culture debate boils over [The Guardian]
  7. Maryland Passes Law Requiring Publishers to License Ebooks to Libraries Under “Reasonable Terms” [Library Journal]
  8. Public-records requesting my own library records [Dorothea Salo]
  9. Oh, Dewey, Where Would You Put Me? [The New York Times]
  10. How Academic Pirate Alexandra Elbakyan Is Fighting Scientific Misinformation [Motherboard]
  11. Thomson Reuters shareholder support for human rights review rises [Reuters]
  12. SPARC Statement on Public Access Provisions in the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act [SPARC]
  13. Bogus Social Media Outrage Is Making Authors Change Lines in Their Books Now [Slate]
  14. Drag Queen Storytimes: Public Library Staff Perceptions and Experiences [Children and Libraries]
  15. New York Legislature Passes Library E-book Bill [Publishers Weekly]
  16. A Media Empire for the (Public) Library? OverDrive Acquires Kanopy [The Scholarly Kitchen]
  17. Library Fires Have Always Been Tragedies. Just Ask Galen. [JSTOR Daily]

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