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May 2021

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  1. Where Should You Buy Your Books? [The New York Times]
  2. Aaron Yang: Voracious Reader Or Giant Pain To Librarians? [Weekend Edition]
  3. Hollywood Lobbyists Intervene Against Proposal to Share Vaccine Technology [The Intercept]
  4. Balancing Data Utility and Confidentiality in the 2020 US Census [Data & Society]
  5. 2021 Library Systems Report [American Libraries]
  6. Publisher cancels Philip Roth biography after sexual abuse claims against Blake Bailey [The Guardian]
  7. US supports vaccine patent waiver proposal at World Trade Organization [CNN]
  8. The Contested One-Shot: Deconstructing Power Structures to Imagine New Futures [College & Research Libraries]
  9. National Archives Wants to Use AI to Improve ‘Unsophisticated Search’ and Create ‘Self-Describing Records’ [Nextgov]
  10. How Porn's Racist Metadata Hurts Adult Performers of Color [Wired]
  11. A Joy Of Reading, Sparked By A Special Librarian Determined To 'Make A Difference' [Morning Edition]
  12. How copyright filters lead to wage-theft [Pluralistic]
  13. Informatics of the Oppressed [Logic]
  14. Republicans announce federal bills to 'restrict the spread' of critical race theory [NBC News]
  15. Back to Normal for the Fully Vaccinated? What the CDC’s Latest Guidance Means for Employers [Lexology]
  16. Scientific Publishing Is a Joke [The Atlantic]

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