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April 2021

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  1. 'Cancel Culture Gone Mad': Fans React as 'Captain Underpants' Book Pulled Over Racism Concerns [Newsweek]
  2. As Bad Information Spreads, Florida Schools Seek To Teach 'Digital Literacy' [Morning Edition]
  3. The fight against fake-paper factories that churn out sham science [Nature]
  4. Libraries Offering Services to Seniors During COVID-19 Pandemic [Book Riot]
  5. Copyright bots powered by a 1998 law threaten the public's right to know [The Hill]
  6. The Fight for Britain’s Libraries [Tribune]
  7. Diamond unearthed: shining light on community-driven Open Access publishing [European Science Foundation]
  8. The Spy Who Came In from the Carrel [Public Books]
  9. Ethical Financial Stewardship: One Library’s Examination of Vendors’ Business Practices [In the Library with the Lead Pipe]
  10. The women fighting South Africa's 'infodemic' [BBC News]
  11. Evanston bookstore owner suing Amazon over alleged price-fixing scheme that makes it impossible for other retailers to compete [Chicago Sun-Times]
  12. The growing fight over coronavirus vaccine patents [Axios]
  13. Sharp rise in parents seeking to ban anti-racist books in US schools [The Guardian]
  14. What Taylor Swift’s Re-recordings Symbolize For Music Ownership [New University]
  15. Data Brokers Are a Threat to Democracy [Wired]
  16. Reading in the Age of Distrust [Project Information Literacy]
  17. Simon & Schuster says it won't distribute book by Louisville cop in deadly Breonna Taylor raid [Fox News]
  18. Libraries and Pandemics: Past and Present [JSTOR Daily]
  19. Confidentiality is Not Privacy, but Privacy May Include Confidentiality [Kyle M. L. Jones]
  20. Venomous spiders prompt University of Michigan library to close [NBC News]
  21. How Do We Exit the Post-Truth Era? [The Walrus]
  22. The Library’s Furniture [Library Barbarian]
  23. No one wants to pay $200 for a textbook [EdScoop]
  24. Library Leaders Lack Confidence in Diversity Strategies [Inside Higher Ed]
  25. Harvard Library ends use of subject heading ‘illegal alien’ [The Harvard Gazette]
  26. Why I Won’t Review or Write for Elsevier and Other Commercial Scientific Journals [The Wire Science]
  27. It’s time to consider a patent reprieve for COVID vaccines [Nature]
  28. Table Mountain fire: Historic buildings destroyed in Cape Town [BBC News]
  29. Freedom From Certainty [Macalester Today]
  30. Roshan the camel brings books to Pakistan’s homeschooled children [Al Jazeera]

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