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March 2021

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  1. Libraries Are an Essential Service. Give Librarians the Vaccine Now [Newsweek]
  2. A Disproportionate Pandemic [American Libraries]
  3. Dr. Seuss Enterprises Will Shelve 6 Books, Citing 'Hurtful' Portrayals [NPR]
  4. Communicating Collections Cancellations to Campus: A Qualitative Study [College & Research Libraries]
  5. The $450 question: Should journals pay peer reviewers? [Science]
  6. Libraries oppose censorship. So they're getting creative when it comes to offensive kids' books [CNN]
  7. The Internet Archive's National Emergency Library Controversy [Hacker Noon]
  8. New Technique Reveals Centuries of Secrets in Locked Letters [The New York Times]
  9. How One Looted Artifact Tells the Story of Modern Afghanistan [The New York Times]
  10. Fines not needed to ensure books returned on time at Blackpool libraries [Blackpool Gazette]
  11. Amazon withholds its ebooks from libraries because it prefers you pay it instead [The Verge]
  12. Dr. Seuss Books Ruled Last Week's Bestseller List [Publishers Weekly]
  13. The MIT Press launches Direct to Open [MIT News]
  14. Why NFTs are suddenly selling for millions of dollars [The Hustle]
  15. Activists sue facial recognition company over alleged privacy violations [The Hill]
  16. One Year Later, School Librarians Share Lessons Learned and Hopes for the Future [School Library Journal]
  17. California universities and Elsevier make up, ink big open-access deal [Science]
  18. Amazon will not sell books that 'frame sexual identity as mental illness' [BBC News]
  19. Post-Pandemic Libraries [Medium]
  20. 'Exit Counselors' Strain To Pull Americans Out Of A Web Of False Conspiracies [NPR]
  21. In this Kashmiri library, the power of books goes beyond words [The Christian Science Monitor]
  22. How a Book Cover Gets Designed [John Green]
  23. Hunting for books in the ruins: how Syria's rebel librarians found hope [The Guardian]
  24. How Crying on TikTok Sells Books [The New York Times]
  25. Ebook Sales Model Brings Together High-Profile Players [Inside Higher Ed]
  26. A traveling Black women's library finds a home [NBC News]
  27. How Books Can Address Economic Inequality [Publishers Weekly]
  28. Police warn students to avoid science website [BBC News]
  29. In the age of online learning, do proctored exams undermine studentsí privacy? [The Aggie]
  30. Translations Of Amanda Gorman's Inaugural Poem Spark Debate: Can White Translators Interpret It? [Hear & Now]
  31. Libraries Are Key Tools For People Getting Out Of Prison, Even During A Pandemic [Weekend Edition]

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