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February 2021

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  1. The User Experience of Logging In: An Introduction [Beating the Bounds]
  2. One Data Scientist’s Quest to Quash Misinformation [Wired]
  3. Library Board issues statement on grant controversy [KATC]
  4. Lizard People in the Library [Project Information Literacy]
  5. Police in Libraries: What the Cop-Free Library Movement Wants [Teen Vogue]
  6. University will stop using controversial remote-testing software following student outcry [The Verge]
  7. It Takes a Village: How School Librarians Support Virtual Learning [Book Riot]
  8. University Press of Kansas's Future Is Uncertain [Inside Higher Ed]
  9. If open is the answer, what is the question? [Rob Johnson]
  10. Why 2021 Is Setting Up to Be a Pivotal Year for Digital Content in Libraries [Publishers Weekly]
  11. Librarians Help Students Understand Biased Science [School Library Journal]
  12. Bristol book lover suffers abuse over 'little library' [BBC News]
  13. I Can’t Believe People Are Still Questioning if Romance Novels Are “Real Books” [Cosmopolitan]
  14. Online learning threatens students’ privacy, experts say [The Daily Orange]
  15. Why media literacy is just the first step to extinguishing toxic misinformation [Fast Company]
  16. Chattanooga Fires Library Activist Who Allegedly Burned Books Written by President Donald Trump, Ann Coulter [The Tennessee Star]
  17. Where Are We: The Latest on Library Reopening Strategies [Library Journal]
  18. This Teenager Helped Launch Seed Libraries in Every State [Modern Farmer]
  19. REALM project publishes Test 7 and 8 results [OCLC]
  20. Obscure Musicology Journal Sparks Battles Over Race and Free Speech [The New York Times]
  21. White Lady Discouraged From Humiliating Herself With 'Library Rap' Cries Reverse Racism [Wonkette]
  22. The Librarian War Against QAnon [The Atlantic]
  23. The student and the algorithm: how the exam results fiasco threatened one pupil’s future [The Guardian]
  24. Canadian libraries increasingly scrapping late fees to boost access to services [CBC News]
  25. They Built Libraries to Honor Loved Ones, Women Felled by Bombings [The New York Times]
  26. How School Librarians Adjusted to Remote Learning [EdTech Magazine]
  27. What is an “algorithm”? It depends whom you ask [MIT Technology Review]
  28. Pulling Back the Curtain on Library Magic [ACRLog]

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