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January 2021

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  1. Visions of Success: Academic Libraries in a Post COVID-19 World [Library Journal]
  2. Surprise Ending for Publishers: In 2020, Business Was Good [The New York Times]
  3. How a torrent of COVID science changed research publishing ó in seven charts [Nature]
  4. What is "Section 230," and why do many lawmakers want to repeal it? [CBS News]
  5. Responsive and Responsible [American Libraries]
  6. How the Comics Industry Avoided a 2020 Implosion [The Hollywood Reporter]
  7. Hard lessons for libraries and all of us [Daily News]
  8. Letís flatten the infodemic curve [WHO]
  9. Simon & Schuster cancels publication of Hawley's book [TheHill]
  10. The Record Keepersí Rave [The New York Times]
  11. Retracted scientific paper persists in new citations, study finds []
  12. Food, Shelter, and the Public Library [Publishers Weekly]
  13. The Tyranny of the Pandemic Office [The New Republic]
  14. Defining Censorship Before Denouncing It [Palisades Hudson Financial Group]
  15. The Surprisingly Complicated History of Conan the Librarian [CBR]
  16. A Big Science Publisher Is Going Open Access. But at What Cost? [Undark]

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