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April 2020

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  1. Coronavirus: The good that can come out of an upside-down world [BBC News]
  2. Starting Thursday, Dolly Parton will read bedtime stories to your kids [CNN]
  3. Public Libraries’ Novel Response to a Novel Virus [The Atlantic]
  4. A Comprehensive Primer to Library Learning Analytics Practices, Initiatives, and Privacy Issues [College & Research Libraries]
  5. Coronavirus Needs: How to Become a Health Literate Society [The National Interest]
  6. Survey of Academic Library Response to the Coronavirus Epidemic, April 2020 [Primary Research Group]
  7. Government secrecy is growing during the coronavirus pandemic [The Conversation]
  8. Seeking Sustainability: Publishing Models for an Open Access Age [Society for Scholarly Publishing]
  9. Library workers fight for safer working conditions amid coronavirus pandemic [NBC News]
  10. Lengthening Patent Terms by 10 Years is Exactly the Wrong Response to COVID-19 [EFF]
  11. UNC Chapel Hill Cancels Big Deal With Elsevier [Inside Higher Ed]
  12. State University of New York Steps Away From the “Big Deal” with Elsevier [SUNY Libraries Consortium]
  13. Work notes: “Free” for COVID-19 and resource management [Scarlet Fixes Things]
  14. The Exquisite Pain of Reading in Quarantine [The Atlantic]
  15. Librarians call for Coralville to cease curbside book pickup [Iowa City Press-Citizen]
  16. Designing the Structured Search Experience: Rethinking the Query-Builder Paradigm [Weave: Journal of Library User Experience]
  17. Coronavirus Tests Science’s Need for Speed Limits [The New York Times]
  18. Comic book creators speak out on the industry shutdown — and what’s next [Polygon]
  19. Hennepin County tells library workers to staff homeless hotels or take PTO [City Pages]
  20. Libraries Brace for Budget Cuts [Inside Higher Ed]
  21. Sketchy Science Journal Publishes Article Titled 'What's the Deal With Birds?' [Gizmodo]
  22. When 'non-essential' is anything but [The Hill]
  23. Public Libraries After the Pandemic [Publishers Weekly]
  24. ‘We may need to quarantine our books' when libraries reopen, New York Public Library CEO says [Yahoo Finance]
  25. UNESCO Suggests COVID-19 Is A Reason To Create... Eternal Copyright [Techdirt]
  26. Librarians Under Pandemic Duress: Layoffs, Napkin Masks, and Fear of Retaliation [Book Riot]
  27. Why You Shouldn’t Do Curbside During COVID-19 [Library Journal]
  28. In unusual lineup, SCOTUS rules annotations in Georgia state code can't be copyrighted [ABA Journal]
  29. Some Amazon Sellers Are Paying $10,000 A Month To Trick Their Way To The Top [BuzzFeed News]
  30. Five Unexpected Benefits of Eliminating Library Fines [Information Space]

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