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March 2020

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  1. Catherine Pugh: Ex-Baltimore mayor handed three year prison term [BBC News]
  2. Time to take down Millennium's barriers [Winnipeg Free Press]
  3. Aspiring terrorists are in every Iowa school, surveillance companies warn [The Gazette]
  4. Libraries Could Preserve Ebooks Forever, But Greedy Publishers Won’t Let Them [Gizmodo]
  5. A Billion-Dollar Scandal Turns the ‘King of Manuscripts’ Into the ‘Madoff of France’ [The New York Times]
  6. No raw data, no science: another possible source of the reproducibility crisis [Molecular Brain]
  7. Information studies prof works to address mental illness among librarians [UWM Report]
  8. Why Should We Worry about Predatory Journals? Here’s One Reason [The Source]
  9. The Tadpole Paper Mill [Science Integrity Digest]
  10. Stephen King is "very uneasy" about how we've "muzzled" Woody Allen [The A.C. Club]
  11. Who Really Owns a John Deere? [Businessweek]
  12. Libraries and the Practice of Freedom in the Age of Algorithm [Barbara Fister]
  13. How canceled events and self-quarantines save lives, in one chart [Vox]
  14. Opening Keynote Panel [Wholehearted Libraries]
  15. Plagiarism, Plagiarisma, Plagiarmania [Warren Lecture Series]
  16. How Wikipedia’s volunteers became the web’s best weapon against misinformation [Fast Company]
  17. What About the Health of Staff Members? [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  18. US museum Dead Sea Scroll collection found to be fakes [BBC News]
  19. Volunteers 3D-Print Unobtainable $11,000 Valve For $1 To Keep Covid-19 Patients Alive; Original Manufacturer Threatens To Sue [Techdirt]
  20. Now Is the Time for Open Access Policies—Here’s Why [Creative Commons]
  21. Coronavirus Disrupts Social Media’s First Line of Defense [Wired]
  22. Will the coronavirus kill off the ‘dinosaur’ world of academic publishing? [South China Morning Post]
  23. Overdue: Closing Libraries [Inside Higher Ed]
  24. Publisher Macmillan Backs Off Policy Restricting E-Book Sales To Libraries [NPR]
  25. In Blackbeard Pirate Ship Case, Supreme Court Scuttles Copyright Claims [NPR]
  26. With Schools Closed, Library Parking Lots Are Some Families' Only Place For Internet [Wisconsin Public Radio]
  27. ALA welcomes LinkedIn Learning’s changes to terms of service [ALA]
  28. How to Sanitize Collections in a Pandemic [American Libraries]
  29. Internet Archive's 'national emergency library' has over a million books to read right now [CNET]
  30. The hunt for a coronavirus cure is showing how science can change for the better [The Conversation]
  31. Can Teachers Read Books Out Loud Online? Actually, Yes. [EdSurge News]

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