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May 2020

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  1. How to Protect Yourself if You're Forced to Return to Work [Lifehacker]
  2. Alaska school board removes 'The Great Gatsby,' other famous books from curriculum for 'controversial' content [NBC News]
  3. The business of disinformation [Eurozine]
  4. Disney isnít trying to steal your Star Wars tweets [The Verge]
  5. An Open Letter to Other Library Directors [Library Journal]
  6. 2020 Library Systems Report [American Libraries]
  7. LGBTQ childrenís books face record calls for bans in US libraries [The Guardian]
  8. How Patent Abuse Could Hurt the Fight Against the Pandemic [Slate]
  9. States are suspending public records access due to COVID-19 [TNW]
  10. Kyle Hiebert: In the COVID-19 world, open source textbooks are the way of the future [National Post]
  11. The Thinnest Paper in the World [The New York Times]
  12. Amazon Who? Independent Booksellers Find New Allies []
  13. As States Seek COVID Detectives, Librarians Among The Candidates [KUNM]
  14. Facebook to pay $52m to content moderators over PTSD [BBC News]
  15. For Bookstore Owners, Reopening Holds Promise and Peril [The New York Times]
  16. Open-Access Publishing and the Coronavirus [Inside Higher Ed]
  17. Libraries have spent years reinventing themselves. Will they have to do it again? [Marketplace]
  18. A Biblical Mystery at Oxford [The Atlantic]
  19. Google censored search results after bogus copyright claims [Reclaim The Net]
  20. Small free libraries offering solace amid virus shutdowns [The Salt Lake Tribune]
  21. Amazon rivals thrive during the pandemic as shipping delays level the playing field [NBC News]
  22. Libraries Do Not Need Permission To Lend Books: Fair Use, First Sale, and the Fallacy of Licensing Culture [Kyle K. Courtney]
  23. Librarians turn disease detectives to trace coronavirus contacts [Today]
  24. How book publishing may change forever [Los Angeles Times]
  25. Copyright bots and classical musicians are fighting online. The bots are winning. [The Washington Post]
  26. Librarians Recruited as COVID-19 Hunters [American Libraries]
  27. More harm than good? Twitter struggles to label misleading COVID-19 tweets [CNET]
  28. When You Canít Send Students to the Campus Library [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  29. Coronavirus: The human cost of virus misinformation [BBC News]
  30. New tools aim to tame pandemic paper tsunami [Science]
  31. Science-Based Reopening Plans in Everyday English [Library Journal]

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