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October 2019

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  1. Chicago to become largest U.S. public library system to go fine-free for overdue materials that get returned [Chicago Tribune]
  2. The Internet Is Overrun With Images of Child Sexual Abuse. What Went Wrong? [The New York Times]
  3. Student Needs Are Academic Needs [Ithaka S+R]
  4. Down With Dewey [Slate]
  5. After Uproar About Accessibility, Hunters Point Library Will Relocate Fiction Section [Gothamist]
  6. Ancient scrolls charred by Vesuvius could be read once again [The Guardian]
  7. How Much Coffee Do Librarians Drink? [Library Journal]
  8. The Authoritarian’s Worst Fear? A Book [The New York Times]
  9. "Me Before You" Author Jojo Moyes Has Been Accused Of Publishing A Novel With "Alarming Similarities" To Another Author's Book [Buzfeed News]
  10. Why Libraries Are Eliminating Late Fees for Overdue Books [CityLab]
  11. Laundromat Libraries Aim To Boost Literacy In Milwaukee [WUWM]
  12. A professor spoke about whiteness at Georgia Southern University. Students burned her book. [USA Today]
  13. Facebook Shouldn't Give Politicians More Power Than Ordinary Users [EFF]
  14. Shorewood Public Library, other branches get rid of toxic receipt paper [WTMJ]
  15. Exploring Students’ Decision-Making Processes in Information Literacy [School Library Journal]
  16. Why Helsinki's Library Robots Aren't Important [Tom Scott]
  17. The battle for the future of e-books is happening at your local library [Fast Company]
  18. Digital dystopia: how algorithms punish the poor [The Guardian]
  19. Climate Change Could Erase Human History. These Archivists Are Trying to Save It [Vice]
  20. The Little-Known ‘Slow Fire’ That’s Destroying All Our Books [Literary Hub]
  21. Changing Libraries — But Not Too Much [The Crimson]
  22. Machines Beat Humans on a Reading Test. But Do They Understand? [Quanta Magazine]
  23. Major Public Library System Will Boycott Macmillan E-books [Publishers Weekly]
  24. When doing more than your job calls for gets you fired [The Buffalo News]
  25. 50 Fictional Librarians, Ranked [Literary Hub]
  26. Bag of snakes brings new library policy in Madison County [The Citizen-Times]
  27. Feminist author to have book pulped over her claims UK executed dozens of gay men [The Telegraph]
  28. The Complicated Role of the Modern Public Library [Humanities]
  29. Where Research Meets Profits [Inside Higher Ed]
  30. Newsmaker: Megan Rosenbloom [American Libraries]
  31. The fight to keep the internet free and open for everyone [Inside Higher Ed]

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