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November 2019

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  1. Meghan Murphy: Canadian feminist's trans talk sparks uproar [BBC News]
  2. You May Have To Wait To Borrow A New E-Book From The Library [NPR]
  3. Librarians, Start New Game [American Libraries]
  4. Don’t Let Science Publisher Elsevier Hold Knowledge for Ransom [EFF]
  5. The Government Protects Our Food and Cars. Why Not Our Data? [The New York Times]
  6. Weaving Books into the Web—Starting with Wikipedia [Internet Archive]
  7. Who Is Censoring Your In-Flight Movies? [InsideHook]
  8. Florida officials deny public library's request for a New York Times subscription, calling the paper "fake news" [CBS News]
  9. Hungry Goats Helped Save the Reagan Library From a California Wildfire [Smithsonian]
  10. The Peril of ‘Data-ism’ [Online Searcher]
  11. The mysterious case of Japan's vanishing bookstores [The Japan Times]
  12. Why Microsoft and Warner Bros. Archived the Original ‘Superman’ Movie on a Futuristic Glass Disc [Variety]
  13. Gen Xers, millennials and even some Gen Zs choose vinyl & drive record sales up [The Conversation]
  14. Books criticizing President Trump keep going missing at an Idaho library [CNN]
  15. The price of a "clean" internet [TED]

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