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September 2019

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  1. Misinformation Has Created a New World Disorder [Scientific American]
  2. Can Taylor Swift really rerecord her entire music catalogue? [The Washington Post]
  3. How googly eyes solved one of today’s trickiest UX problems [Fast Company]
  4. ‘China is not paying for it’: Trump tariff hike hits everyone from beer brewers to book publishers [CNBC]
  5. Serendipity, Tactility, and Community Library Research as a Practice of Wonder [Choice]
  6. Nashville school bans "Harry Potter" series, citing risk of "conjuring evil spirits" [CBS News]
  7. Challenged but not dying, the public libraries are more relevant than ever [Jutland Station]
  8. The Decline of Online Piracy: How Markets – Not Enforcement – Drive Down Copyright Infringement [American University International Law Review]
  9. Automatic for the People [American Libraries]
  10. Why It Matters That Amazon Shipped Margaret Atwood’s “The Testaments” a Week Early [Electric Literature]
  11. How an AI archive platform is helping a Victorian library keep up with data [ZDNet]
  12. Why are Books That Shape? From Codices to Kindles, Why This Rectangle Stays Golden [Book Riot]
  13. 48 States Investigating Whether Google's Dominance Hurts Competition [All Things Considered]
  14. How deepfakes undermine truth and threaten democracy [Danielle Citron]
  15. Chicago’s New Tool Library Is Awesome, Exactly What It Sounds Like [InsideHook]
  16. Libraries and Archivists Are Scanning and Uploading Books That Are Secretly in the Public Domain [Vice]
  17. The Discovery Dark Ages: How Filter Bubbles, Dark Patterns, and Algorithms Propagating Bias Impede the Spread of Knowledge [Medium]
  18. Raw Deal in Ebook Pricing [Online Searcher]
  19. How to make a book last for millennia [MIT News]
  20. Audible’s Caption Controversy [Locus Online]
  21. 'Canine library' offers chance to check out therapy dogs [CBC News]
  22. Steal This Book? There’s a Price [The New York Times]
  23. The oldest continuously operating library in the world is in this Egyptian monastery. [Aleteia]
  24. Questioning the Dogma of Banned Books Week [Library Philosophy and Practice]
  25. Books Won’t Die [The Paris Review]
  26. Snopes: How do you survive 25 years debunking fake news? [BBC News]
  27. The Google Feature Magnifying Disinformation [The Atlantic]
  28. The Legacy Of Milwaukee's Underground Comix Scene [Bubbler Talk]
  29. How Libraries Are Bridging the Digital Divide [The Takeaway]
  30. Why Vinyl, Books and Magazines Will Never Go Away [Bloomberg]

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