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August 2019

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  1. Wright State library combines study and workout with new bikes [WDTN]
  2. Museums Need to Step Into the Future [The New York Times]
  3. For academics, what matters more: journal prestige or readership? [Science]
  4. A librarian's case against overdue book fines [TED]
  5. A Library of Things: public libraries provide access to sewing machines, cooking pans and more [Georgia Public Library Service]
  6. The Book Bus, an independent bookstore on wheels, brings the joy of reading to those who need it most [Roadtrippers]
  7. Mapping the Scholarly Communication Landscape – 2019 Census [Educopia Institute]
  8. Macmillan Announces Two-Month Embargo on Library Ebooks [Library Journal]
  9. Debate Over Policing Free Speech Intensifies As 8chan Struggles To Stay Online [All Things Considered]
  10. Closing libraries means abandoning society’s most isolated and vulnerable [The Guardian]
  11. Libraries can have 3-D printers but they are still about books [The Conversation]
  12. Turkish government destroys 302K copies of books at schools over Gulenists publishers: minister [Turkey Purge]
  13. Librarians facing new tasks say crisis isn't in the catalog [ABC News]
  14. OMICS, Publisher of Fake Journals, Makes Cosmetic Changes to Evade Detection [The Wire]
  15. Danah Boyd on the Spread of Conspiracies and Hate Online [Amanpour & Company]
  16. To Everything There Is a Season [The American Archivist]
  17. Effects of the Flipped Classroom: Evidence from a Randomized Trial [School Effectiveness & Inequality Initiative]
  18. Getting Beyond the CRAAP Test: A Conversation with Mike Caulfield [Inside Higher Ed]

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