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July 2019

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  1. The Love of Books: The Brave Librarians of Sarajevo [Al Jazeera]
  2. Microsoft's Ebook Apocalypse Shows the Dark Side of DRM [Wired]
  3. How do you read ancient scrolls too brittle to unfurl? An American scientist may have an answer. [The Washington Post]
  4. Public Management of Big Data: Historical Lessons from the 1940s [Federal History]
  5. Sweden's bokbåten is a floating library that brings books to residents of remote islands [MNN]
  6. Why are books banned in prison? Sex, drugs and a critique of systematic oppression [Salon]
  7. Plan S and Humanities Publishing [Scholarly Kitchen]
  8. How sharing your DNA solves horrible crimes... and stirs a privacy debate [CNET]
  9. Want Kids to Learn the Joy of Reading? Barbershops and Laundromats Can Help [The New York Times]
  10. Ethan Lindenberger: Why we need to fight misinformation about vaccines [TED]
  11. The Underworld of Online Content Moderation [The New Yorker]
  12. Chris Gilliard on facial recognition [WFMU]
  13. Her Book in Limbo, Naomi Wolf Fights Back [The New York Times]
  14. AI Trained on Old Scientific Papers Makes Discoveries Humans Missed [VICE]
  15. Truth and Consequences [The Hedgehog Review]
  16. Free Book Vending Machines Launched Across All NYC Boroughs [CBS New York]
  17. Listen up: why we can't get enough of audiobooks [The Guardian]
  18. Libraries Must Draw the Line on E-books [Publishers Weekly]
  19. Pearson Signals Major Shift From Print by Making All Textbook Updates ‘Digital First’ [EdSurge]
  20. Your Local Library May Have A New Offering In Stock: A Resident Social Worker [All Things Considered]
  21. The plan to mine the world’s research papers [Nature]
  22. Google Search is being routinely gamed by fake blogs and has been for years [unlike kinds]
  23. Backlash grows against unstaffed libraries [The Guardian]
  24. The library bus in Afghanistan that is driving change [The National]
  25. Facts Aren't Enough: The Psychology Of False Beliefs [Hidden Brain]
  26. What Gets To Be A 'Burger'? States Restrict Labels On Plant-Based Meat [Morning Edition]
  27. Linkedin to libraries: drop dead [Boing Boing]
  28. Battling Information Illiteracy [American Libraries]
  29. How a data detective exposed suspicious medical trials [Nature]
  30. Libraries Act as Cooling Centers in Heatwaves [Book Riot]
  31. Innovating Against a Brick Wall: Rebuilding the Structures That Shape Our Teaching [Veronica Arellano Douglas]

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