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June 2019

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  1. The Books of College Libraries Are Turning Into Wallpaper [The Atlantic]
  2. An Author Learned of a Mortifying Research Mistake Live on the Radio. Here’s How Twitter Reacted. [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  3. The Loud Librarian [All That]
  4. The Comeback of the Century [The New York Times]
  5. Do Not Trust That Stranger’s 5-Star Review [The New York Times]
  6. After 15 Years, the Pirate Bay Still Can’t Be Killed [MEL Magazine]
  7. How to Teach with JSTOR Text Analyzer [JSTOR Daily]
  8. Update: In reversal, science publisher IEEE drops ban on using Huawei scientists as reviewers [Science]
  9. Metadata is the biggest little problem plaguing the music industry [The Verge]
  10. The Rise of Junk Science [The Walrus]
  11. “To Be Honest I’m Not Sure If We Have a Textbook”: Undergraduate Access to Course Reading [Hybrid Pedagogy]
  12. The Making of a YouTube Radical [The New York Times]
  13. Amazon's helping police build a surveillance network with Ring doorbells [CNET]
  14. Book subtitles are getting ridiculously long. What is going on? [The Washington Post]
  15. Knowledge Isn’t Neutral: On Radical Librarianship [Teachers & Writers Magazine]
  16. The war to free science [Vox]
  17. What Aladdin—And Napoleon—Teach Us About Copyright [Planet Money]

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