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May 2019

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  1. She Pulled Her Debut Book When Critics Found It Racist. Now She Plans to Publish. [The New York Times]
  2. Site's Ties To Shootings Renew Debate Over Internet's Role In Radicalizing Extremists [All Things Considered]
  3. Front-Loading Literacy [American Libraries]
  4. Poynter forced to scrap 'unreliable news' list targeting conservative outlets after outcry [Fox News]
  5. Facebook bans Alex Jones and Laura Loomer for violating its policies against dangerous individuals [The Verge]
  6. Google Translate mostly accurate in test with patient instructions [Business Insider]
  7. Censorship Can't Be The Only Answer to Disinformation Online [EFF]
  8. Doane U suspends library director over exhibit that included 1920s-era students in blackface [Inside Higher Ed]
  9. How the news took over reality [The Guardian]
  10. Agnotology and Epistemological Fragmentation [Data & Society: Points]
  11. How I became easy prey to a predatory publisher [Science]
  12. As Comic Book Industry Grows, Smaller Publishers Learn to Adapt [The New York Times]
  13. Medieval Scholars Joust With White Nationalists. And One Another. [The New York Times]
  14. A Brief History of Self-Destructing DVDs [Now I Know]
  15. In 10 years, Little Free Libraries have made a big impact [The Washington Post]
  16. Technology Is as Biased as Its Makers [Longreads]
  17. Mobbing in the library workplace: What it is and how to prevent it [College & Research Libraries News]
  18. Face It, You're Being Watched [Bloomberg]
  19. Wikipedia blocked in China in all languages [BBC News]
  20. Accused of ‘Terrorism’ for Putting Legal Materials Online [The New York Times]
  21. Your internet data is rotting [The Conversation]
  22. Arizona prisons ban book on black men in the justice system [ABC15]
  23. Apple CEO Tim Cook urges college grads to 'push back' against algorithms that promote the 'things you already know, believe, or like' [Business Insider]
  24. SPARC Landscape Analysis [Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition]
  25. Librarians Are Trying to Encourage Children to Read—by Bringing Books Straight to the Laundromat [Mother Jones]
  26. Another 'Big Deal' Bites the Dust [Inside Higher Ed]
  27. Why Fascists Storm Bookstores [The Nation]
  28. You’re Not Alone When You’re on Google [The New York Times]
  29. LJ Textbook Affordability Survey: Costs Still a Concern, OER an Opportunity [Library Journal]
  30. Chicago Finds a Way to Improve Public Housing: Libraries [The New York Times]
  31. To meet the ‘Plan S’ open-access mandate, journals mull setting papers free at publication [Science]

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