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February 2019

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  1. The Value of School Librarians [American Libraries]
  2. The Relationship Between Publishers and Libraries [Information Today]
  3. The tiny library bringing books to remote villages [BBC]
  4. Memes, Fair Use, and Privacy [Intellectual Freedom Blog]
  5. Why You Couldn’t Watch the First Super Bowl [Now I Know]
  6. “A Fundamentally Illegitimate Choice”: Shoshana Zuboff on the Age of Surveillance Capitalism [The Intercept]
  7. Editorial board mutinies: are they what’s needed or are they part of the problem? [Medium]
  8. Is this Italy’s smallest library? [BBC]
  9. Bestselling author of The Woman in the Window 'lied about having cancer' [The Guardian]
  10. New Library Bill of Rights Provision Recognizes and Defends Library Users’ Privacy [ALA]
  11. Decoding Algorithms [Macalester Today]
  12. Is That a Hand? Glitches Reveal Google Books' Human Scanners [Wired]
  13. Library Systems Embracing Their New Roles As Social Service Hubs [Next City]
  14. Internet Archive's ebook loans face UK copyright challenge [The Guardian]
  15. Thousands of scientists run up against Elsevier’s paywall [Nature]
  16. Dearborn mayor defends quashing article on Henry Ford's anti-Semitism [The Detroit News]
  17. YouTube’s copyright strikes have become a tool for extortion [The Verge]
  18. Where Books Meet Black Mecca [The New York Times]
  19. The Most Dangerous Book in the World [Mental Floss]
  20. Victim of its own success: Pioneer GPS inventor laments the lost art of map reading [Daily Mail]
  21. Similarities in 2 Novels Raise Questions About the Limits of Literary Influence [The New York Times]
  22. How to Run a Neighborhood Bookstore [Lifehacker]
  23. Nestle and other brands pull YouTube ads over child exploitation fears [CNN]
  24. Drag queen story hour in America's Bible Belt [BBC News]
  25. The Obama Presidential Library That Isn’t [The New York Times]
  26. The secret lives of Facebook moderators in America [The Verge]
  27. Can You Get Bed Bugs From A Library Book? Technically Yes, But Entomologists Say It's More Complicated Than That [Bustle]
  28. Comics Is a Market in Transition [Publishers Weekly]

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