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November 2017

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  1. Professor Stephen Hawking's PhD viewed two million times [BBC News]
  2. The Important Emotional Labor of Librarians Most People Never Think About [everylibrary]
  3. A Day in the Life of a Prison Librarian [Public Libraries Online]
  4. Leading the Green Revolution [American Libraries]
  5. The Americans who can't read [BBC News]
  6. Leading Western Publisher Bows to Chinese Censorship [The New York Times]
  7. Access vs. Accessibility in Scholarship and Science [The Scholarly Kitchen]
  8. Court demands that search engines and internet service providers block Sci-Hub [Science]
  9. Cost of student access to research rises for UT libraries [The Daily Texan]
  10. A Day in the Life of a Rock ‘n’ Roll Librarian [Atlas Obscura]
  11. Librarians See New Patron Need: Naloxone [Medscape]
  12. Energy researcher sues the US National Academy of Sciences for millions of dollars [Nature]
  13. Dogs are all ears as kids practice reading in Philly libraries [WHYY]
  14. The Digital Ruins of a Forgotten Future [The Atlantic]
  15. Academic journal publishing is headed for a day of reckoning [The Conversation]
  16. One Way to Fight Fake News [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  17. Amazon's Kindle turns 10: have ebooks clicked with you yet? [The Guardian]
  18. Digital Goods Valued Less Than Their Physical Counterparts [Psychology Today]
  19. Shiny Things: 3D Printing and Pedagogy in the Library [CLIR Reports]
  20. The ‘search angels’ who reunite birth families on Facebook [The Outline]
  21. Facebook, Google and others join The Trust Project, an effort to increase transparency around online news [TechCrunch]
  22. The Fallacy of Open-Access Publication [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  23. It’s time to stop trusting Google search already [The Verge]
  24. The Culture War Being Fought Over Tomorrow’s Libraries [Co.Design]
  25. We Can’t Trust Facebook to Regulate Itself [The New York Times]
  26. Quebec City Muslims share their stories at human library event [CBC News]
  27. Tim Berners-Lee on the future of the web: 'The system is failing' [The Guardian]
  28. Sex, Drugs and the Public Library [NBC Southern California]
  29. Anatomy of a Fake News Scandal [Rolling Stone]
  30. New Zealand library cracks case of the missing books [The Guardian]

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