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October 2017

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  1. New Report Argues That Russian Cyber Meddling Is An Extension Of Cold War Tactics [All Things Considered]
  2. We need to turn the tide on financial literacy [The Gazette]
  3. Flip-Flopping on Free Speech [The New Yorker]
  4. Libraries beset by violence, addicts in restrooms [Boston Herald]
  5. Facebook, Google Spread Misinformation About Las Vegas Shooting. What Went Wrong? [All Things Considered]
  6. 26 Facts about Libraries [Mental Floss]
  7. What Are Libraries For? [The Weekly Standard]
  8. The Radical Reference Librarians Who Use Info to Challenge Authority [Atlas Obscura]
  9. Rebuilding Communities after Disasters [American Libraries]
  10. A Dangerous Withdrawal [Inside Higher Ed]
  11. Publishers threaten to remove millions of papers from ResearchGate [Nature News]
  12. Google asks the dumbest questions [The Outline]
  13. 100 Women: 'We can't teach girls of the future with books of the past' [BBC News]
  14. Library trolls copyright zealots by naming collection after Sonny Bono [Ars Technica]
  15. A Lawyer Explains Who Really Owns Your Tattoos [Vice]
  16. Facebook and Google need to own their role in spreading misinformation -- and fix it [CNN]
  17. Mississippi school district pulls "To Kill A Mockingbird" for making people "uncomfortable" [CBS News]
  18. German researchers resign from Elsevier journals in push for nationwide open access [Science]
  19. How Living In A Library Gave One Man 'The Thirst Of Learning' [Morning Edition]
  20. Fraud Scandals Sap China’s Dream of Becoming a Science Superpower [The New York Times]
  21. The Future of Truth and Misinformation Online [Pew Research Center]
  22. The Paradoxical Politics of Literary Criticism [New Republic]
  23. Google Bombs Are Our New Normal [Wired]
  24. When the Revolution Came for Amy Cuddy [The New York Times]
  25. Openness and the Decline of the Textbook Author [Inside Higher Ed]
  26. Judging Books By Their Covers [Longreads]
  27. Creating the Catalog, Before and After FRBR [Karen Coyle]
  28. Publisher apologises for 'racist' text in medical book [BBC News]
  29. Tristan Harris: How better tech could protect us from distraction [TED]
  30. Too Edgy for the Kids’ Section? [School Library Journal]
  31. The Angriest Librarian Is Full of Hope [CityLab]

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