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December 2017

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  1. The Internet Is Dying. Repealing Net Neutrality Hastens That Death. [The New York Times]
  2. Book Vending Machine Helping Young Victims Of Hurricane Harvey [CBS DFW]
  3. Can I see your papers? No! [Illinois Times]
  4. Meet Max, the cat who lost the library but won the Internet [The Washington Post]
  5. Sex, Plagiarism and Spyware. This Is Not Your Average Copyright Complaint. [The New York Times]
  6. How the Index Card Cataloged the World [The Atlantic]
  7. Why you should know how much your coworkers get paid [TED]
  8. Egypt's War on Books [The Atlantic]
  9. The Public [Official Trailer]
  10. Textbook Affordability: What’s Happening in Your State [Library Journal]
  11. In Texas' prisons, inmates can read Hitler's memoir but not "A Charlie Brown Christmas" [Houston Chronicle]
  12. Worries Grow In Hong Kong As China Pushes Its Official Version Of History In Schools [Morning Edition]
  13. How Repealing Net Neutrality Could Affect Schools' Internet Access [All Things Considered]
  14. Texas A&M libraries install bike desks to keep with changing times [The Eagle]
  15. Junk science publisher ordered to stop ‘deceptive practices’ [The Toronto Star]
  16. Wikipedia’s cofounder on how he’s creating a bigger, better rival—on the blockchain [Quartz]
  17. When news breaks, Google still can’t separate rumor from fact [The Outline]
  18. 13 Wonderfully Specific Libraries Reveal Their Oldest Treasures [Atlas Obscura]
  19. The case against library fines—according to the head of The New York Public Library [Quartz]
  20. OER Adoptions on the Rise [Inside Higher Ed]
  21. Twitter today starts enforcing new rules around violence and hate [TechCrunch]
  22. NIH Lifts Ban On Research That Could Make Deadly Viruses Even Worse [All Things Considered]
  23. UW-Madison library plan would create six 'hubs,' close 22 libraries and reduce collection space [Wisconsin State Jounal]
  24. Micromanaging Library Leaders Rarely Know the Damage They Do [Library Journal]
  25. What Is The Flat Earth Theory? More And More People Are Talking About It, According To Google Trends [Bustle]
  26. It's Gonna Get a Lot Easier to Break Science Journal Paywalls [Wired]
  27. Library Makeover [Publishers Weekly]
  28. With a Little Help From Their Friends (and Agents and Librarians and Fact-Checkers ...) [The New York Times]
  29. Library of Congress Will No Longer Archive All Public Tweets [U.S. News & World Report]
  30. Helping Child Refugees in School Through Creating Books [Lake Effect]
  31. The Gene Patent Question [Wendover Productions]

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