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July 2013

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  1. Wanna Write a Good One? Library as Publisher [American Libraries]
  2. Haystacks vs. Algorithms: Is Scanning the Stacks for (Pretty) Books Really the Best Research Strategy? [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  3. The Future of Libraries: Short on Books, Long on Tech [Time]
  4. 15 Classic Children’s Books That Have Been Banned In America [BuzzFeed]
  5. Google's Library in the Sky Grows [PC Magazine]
  6. American Youth Read Books in Print (For Now) [New Republic]
  7. Publisher's Bankruptcy Filing Comes as Market for Print Textbooks Shrinks [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  8. Violent Video Games Do Not Reduce Helpful Behavior, Study [Counsel & Heal]
  9. Is It Time to Get Rid of Libraries? [FrontPage Magazine]
  10. Hipsters, librarians check each other out [Chicago Tribune]
  11. NY judge: Apple conspired to raise e-book prices [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]
  12. Geeks Out website calls for boycott of 'Ender's Game' movie [The Christian Science Monitor]
  13. The History of Typography [Forrest Media]
  14. Library vs. Cricket [A Bit Of Fry And Laurie]
  15. Internet Book Fetishists Versus Anti-Fetishists [The New Yorker]
  16. Telegrams STOP: End of service delivering joy and heartache [BBC News]
  17. Calcasieu libraries to loan cake pans [KPLC]
  18. Crunching Literary Numbers [The New York Times]
  19. The murky world of literary libel [The Telegraph]
  20. J.K. Rowling’s Secret: A Forensic Linguist Explains How He Figured It Out [Time]
  21. Why I banned a book [College & Research Libraries News]
  22. Students Prefer Print for Serious Academic Reading [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  23. A library is not just about books: it's also a place for the vulnerable [The Guardian]
  24. Amazon vs. your public library [Fortune]
  25. You've Spent Years on Your Ph.D.: Should You Publish It Online for Free? [The Atlantic]
  26. To Steal a Mockingbird? [Vanity Fair]
  27. Don’t Let the Book Bugs Bite [Library Journal]
  28. Google To Launch Play Textbooks In August, Partners With 5 Major Publishing Houses [TechCrunch]
  29. Encouraging a Culture of Openness in Libraries [Jessamyn West]
  30. Has technology ruined handwriting? [CNN]
  31. A Lost Scottish Island, George Orwell, and the Future of Maps [The Atlantic Cities]

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