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August 2013

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  1. Controversy Swirls Around Obama Speech at Amazon Facility [Publishers Weekly]
  2. Hotels Add Libraries as Amenity to Keep Guests Inside [The New York Times]
  3. How Andrew Carnegie Turned His Fortune Into A Library Legacy [Morning Edition]
  4. Study: At-home 3-D printing could save consumers 'thousands' [CNN]
  5. Aaron Swartz report from MIT fails to assuage family's criticism of university [The Guardian]
  6. The New Explosion in Audio Books [The Wall Street Journal]
  7. The Hole in Our Collective Memory: How Copyright Made Mid-Century Books Vanish [The Atlantic]
  8. Keeping Public School Libraries Relevant [Education Week]
  9. Internet Search Engines Drove US Librarians to Redefine Themselves [Science Daily]
  10. Judge hears arguments about Lance Armstrong's books [USA Today]
  11. Digital game helps tag College photo archives [The Dartmouth]
  12. Publishers 'Must Wake Up' To Digital Future [Sky News]
  13. Ebooks v. Cigarettes [Salon]
  14. Guantánamo Bay: the US was dead wrong, but no one can admit it [The Guardian]
  15. Beyond Books: Libraries Lend Fishing Poles, Pans And People [KTTZ]
  16. Libraries Weigh Accepting Paid Ads to Keep Afloat [American Libraries]
  17. Libraries use novel approach to ensure digital future [ABC]
  18. Travelers Beware: Google Play Might Delete All Your Books [Gizmodo]
  19. What’s Lost When Everything Is Recorded [The New York Times]
  20. For You To Borrow, Some Libraries Have To Go Begging [Morning Edition]
  21. The Tea Party vs. The Public Library [The Huffington Post]
  22. Librarian suggests turning the page on longtime reading club winner [Glens Falls Post-Star]
  23. Half of 2011 papers now free to read [Nature]
  24. Flipped Out [Spirit Magazine]
  25. Libraries = Socialism [NBC Chicago]
  26. How to Scuttle a Scholarly Communication Initiative [Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication]
  27. Database vs. Database vs. Web-Scale Discovery Service [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  28. Mormon authors back gay writer in squabble with Cedar Fort [The Salt Lake Tribune]
  29. School Librarians Belong in NYC Schools [The Huffington Post]
  30. The Lichen Loophole [Now I Know]
  31. 5 First Impressions of 3D Printing [The Chronicle of Higher Education]

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