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June 2013

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  1. Does Spelling Matter? [The New York Times]
  2. Country Music Legend Dolly Parton's New Role: 'Book Lady' [PBS NewsHour]
  3. US Takes Apple to Trial Over E-Books Price-Fixing [CNBC]
  4. Bibliocide [Aeon Magazine]
  5. Google Glass: No, You Can’t Read A Book On It [Publishers Weekly]
  6. Lisa Bu: How books can open your mind [TED]
  7. Book Domino Chain World Record [Seattle Public Library]
  8. National Archives' treasures targeted by thieves [60 Minutes]
  9. How Timbuktu's manuscripts were smuggled to safety [BBC News]
  10. New vending machine aims to democratize 3D printing [CNET News]
  11. Security-State Creep: The Real NSA Scandal Is What's Legal [The Atlantic]
  12. Rise of 'Altmetrics' Revives Questions About How to Measure Impact of Research [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  13. Obama Stops Championing Treaty That Gives the Blind Better Access to E-Books [Wired]
  14. Justices rule human genes cannot be patented [USA Today]
  15. Trust Me, Assigning Summer Reading Is Totally Pointless [The Atlantic Wire]
  16. Philip Pullman: 'Authors must be paid fairly for ebook library loans' [The Guardian]
  17. 11 Weird Books That Really Exist [Mental Floss]
  18. Why Book Publishers Are Still Dragging Their Heels on Selling You E-Books [Wired]
  19. 'Libraries in Exile' fights to save priceless manuscripts in Mali [The Christian Science Monitor]
  20. New DRM Will Change the Words in Your E-Book [Wired]
  21. Urbana library 'misstep' upsets patrons [The News-Gazette]
  22. India to end state-run telegram service. Stop. [The Christian Science Monitor]
  23. Bedtime With Puritans and Wild Things [The New York Times]
  24. Calling It 'Metadata' Doesn't Make Surveillance Less Intrusive [KERA News]
  25. By the Time You Read This, Some People May Have an Easier Time Reading [Library Journal]
  26. DuckDuckGo Benefits From Internet Searchers Wanting Privacy [Morning Edition]
  27. For University Presses, a Time of Fixing Bridges, and Building New Ones [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  28. Library of Congress Transitions to Free, Online-Only Cataloging Publications [Library of Congress]
  29. Learning To Learn [Library Journal]
  30. Is It More Than “Old Book Smell”? [ILAB Library]

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