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April 2011

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  1. Vatican "Porn" Collection to go Online [BBC News]
  2. Nixon library offers candid new take on Watergate [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]
  3. Decision made on controversial kids' book [ABC News]
  4. Tomes' time might be up at Newport Beach library [Los Angeles Times]
  5. Pastor Terry Jones is no more to blame for the Afghan violence than Martin Scorsese was for the shooting of Ronald Reagan [The Telegraph]
  6. Music Industry Will Force Licenses on Amazon Cloud Player or Else [Wired]
  7. From Here to Eternity uncensored 60 years later [BBC News]
  8. New York Public Library to launch scavenger game [Los Angeles Times]
  9. Library Referenda 2010 | Vote of Confidence [Library Journal]
  10. The Future of Gay Bookstores [Philadelphia Magazine]
  11. Schools supe: iPad more important than a book [CNET News]
  12. Booksellers coping with change [The North Bay Nugget]
  13. Incompetent Research Skills Curb Users' Problem Solving [Alertbox]
  14. The End of Content Ownership [PC Magazine]
  15. 'Scrapers' Dig Deep for Data on Web [The Wall Street Journal]
  16. Ebook sales pass another milestone [The Guardian]
  17. Los Angeles libraries grapple with online pornography [Los Angeles Times]
  18. 5 Myths About the 'Information Age' [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  19. Greg Mortenson's 'Tea' brews up a controversy [USA Today]
  20. Whither the dream of the universal library? [The Guardian]
  21. Amazon to Allow Library Lending of Kindle Books [Library Journal]
  22. Lester Bangs' Basement [Slate]
  23. Narcissus Regards a Novel [Utne Reader]
  24. Kemba Walker says hes only read one book in his entire life [NBC Sports]
  25. Bad Politics, Worse Prose [Foreign Policy]
  26. From Not Factual to Non-Existent: Jon Kyl's Remark Stricken from Congressional Record [Time]
  27. Developer of Robot Scientist Wants to Standardize Science [Wired]
  28. Parents: English Teacher Penned Adult Novels [ABC News]
  29. The perils of automatic pricing on Amazon [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]
  30. The Case for Cursive [The New York Times]

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