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March 2011

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  1. Librarians Join the Protesters in Madison [Library Journal]
  2. Fury over 'stupid' restrictions to library ebook loans [Guardian]
  3. One Way to Encourage Checking-Out at the Library [The New York Times]
  4. Slow And Steady: Vinyl Survives [All Things Considered]
  5. Are Physical Interfaces Superior to Virtual Ones? [Technology Review]
  6. Banned books return to shelves in Egypt and Tunisia [Guardian]
  7. The book is dead -long live the ebook [The Province]
  8. Long Overdue, the Bookmobile Is Back [Smithsonian]
  9. Plagiarism Affair: Defense Minister Guttenberg Resigns [Der Spiegel]
  10. The Bio-Documentarian of the British Library [COSMOS magazine]
  11. Library of the future: Wi-Fi, flat screens, automated book sorting [Chicago Tribune]
  12. Smelling the Books [MoMA]
  13. Supreme Court Deciding Whether Congress May Copyright Public Domain Works [Wired]
  14. Jane McGonigal Keynote [PAX East 2011]
  15. UCLA student's racist YouTube rant about Asians on same day as Japan's tsunami [Mail Online]
  16. Transforming the Book Industry: How Seth Godin is Poking the Box [Social Media Examiner]
  17. Is It Time to Rebuild & Retool Public Libraries and Make “TechShops”? [Make]
  18. New York Times to Launch Pay Wall March 28 [The Wall Street Journal]
  19. Next chapter in recopyright law: Supreme Court [The Denver Post]
  20. Kindle adding page numbers for e-books [CNN]
  21. Teaching to the Text Message [The New York Times]
  22. Statistical Abstract of the United States on the Chopping Block [GOVDOC-L]
  23. Could this new book kill the Kindle? [Guardian]
  24. Judge Rejects Google’s Deal to Digitize Books [The New York Times]
  25. Cornell U. Library Takes a Stand With Journal Vendors: Prices Will Be Made Public [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  26. OMG! Textspeak gets into dictionary [Guardian]
  27. No Sharing Allowed [Slate]
  28. Checking Out Monty: Yale Law Students Can Reduce Stress With Therapy Dog [ABC News]
  29. Glennor Shirley, head librarian for Md. prisons, believes in books behind bars [The Washington Post]
  30. Season 4 Trailer [Silent Library]
  31. Could this be the biggest find since the Dead Sea Scrolls? Seventy metal books found in cave in Jordan could change our view of Biblical history [Mail Online]

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