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May 2011

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  1. End of the typewriter? Not quite [Chicago Tribune]
  2. The Architecture of Access to Scientific Knowledge: Just How Badly We Have Messed This Up [Lawrence Lessig]
  3. Transforming Traditional Organizations [Jeffrey Trzeciak]
  4. Should we allow porn in libraries? [Salon]
  5. A next-generation digital book [TED]
  6. Enforcing Copyrights Online, for a Profit [The New York Times]
  7. How the Internet Affects Plagiarism [MindShift]
  8. Interview with Cory Doctorow [ALA Privacy and Youth Conference]
  9. UK general title digital book sales soar to £16m in 2010 [BBC News]
  10. NJ Online Reference Service Gets Temporary Reprieve [Library Journal]
  11. Revamping Reference [Library Journal]
  12. MLK, Mark Twain quotes go viral -- and are wrong [CNN]
  13. US prisoners refused all books except Bible [Guardian]
  14. Novel rejected? There’s an e-book gold rush! [The Washington Post]
  15. Andy Rooney ponders e-books [60 Minutes]
  16. Beware online "filter bubbles" [TED]
  17. Tomorrow's Academic Libraries: Maybe Even Some Books [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  18. Sharing Information Corrupts Wisdom of Crowds [Wired]
  19. Karl Lagerfeld pursues literary endeavors [Harper's Bazaar]
  20. The future of the library [Seth Godin]
  21. Amazon and Waterstones report downloads eclipsing printed book sales [Guardian]
  22. Google scraps newspaper-scanning project [CNET News]
  23. The GSU Lawsuit: You Don't Know How Lucky You Are [Library Journal]
  24. Malone's Barnes & Noble bid a bet on the Nook [Forbes]
  25. Libraries face growing demand for ebooks, and complicated rules about using them [The Vancouver Sun]
  26. The Networked Librarian [Lee Rainie]
  27. Books get the shove as university students prefer to do research online [The Sydney Morning Herald]
  28. The Musalman-Preservation of a Dream [Indian Public Diplomacy]
  29. How Ink Is Made [The Printing Ink Company]
  30. From Shelves to Internet: America's Digital Library Takes Shape [LiveScience]
  31. The Joe and Rika Mansueto Library: How It Works [The University of Chicago]

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