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November 2009

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  1. The Future of Reading [Library Journal]
  2. Be Creative, Determined, and Wise: Open Library Publishing and the Global South [Computers in Libraries]
  3. What’s hot on iPhone? Books, books, books! [The Christian Science Monitor]
  4. Do digital diaries mess up your brain? [CNN]
  5. The Global Antitrust Battle Over Google's Library [Time]
  6. The power of time off [TED]
  7. Bookless Libraries? [Inside Higher Ed]
  8. Comic books are good for children's learning [Telegraph]
  9. Are local libraries in process of checking out? [Anchorage Daily News]
  10. Hayward libraries to borrow Netflix model [The Oakland Tribune]
  11. Digital School Library Leaves Book Stacks Behind [All Things Considered]
  12. Google's digitization of books [CBC News]
  13. Book clubs open up new chapter []
  14. Can video games spur interest in real history? [MSNBC]
  15. Google Books settlement sets geographic, business limits [CNET]
  16. The Library [Mr. Bean]
  17. Get to Effective Weeding [Library Journal]
  18. Libraries Gear Up for ‘New Moon’ Release [School Library Journal]
  19. Blog names world's worst books [Detroit Free Press]
  20. ‘Going Rogue’ on library and bookstore shelves [Homer Tribune]
  21. A presidential library with modest virtues [The Washington Post]
  22. Sniff test to preserve old books [BBC News]
  23. Jessamine library board hears public comment about book-checkout policy []
  24. A Luddite in the library [Los Angeles Times]
  25. Rupert Murdoch: Get lost, Google [The Christian Science Monitor]
  26. Pirates find easy new pickings in open waters of e-book publishing [The London Times]
  27. Will Oprah's long goodbye doom her career as literary tastemaker? [Daily Finance]
  28. Entrepreneur made pop-up books popular again [The Washington Post]
  29. Teens gaga over 'Twilight Saga' [Asbury Park Press]
  30. Publisher has new read on textbooks [Crain's New York Business]

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